"Imagine this, a lady who just found out she was pregnant can barely keep down ginger ale and goldfish AND working 60+ hour week to make every bride's vision come to life. That was me. Hi! I'm Angie: wife to Kevin, mom to Vandiver, stay at home blogging Mama. Most days you'll find me snuggling my babe, sitting on the couch drinking coffee, writing and brainstorming ways to serve YOU!  

When we first found out that Kevin and I were expecting, I was living a life of many girls dreams “The Wedding Planner-Designer.” Do not get me wrong this life was one I lived to the fullest! I loved making women's dreams a reality through what many would call the biggest day of their lives! Seeing the smiles, their face light up as their pinterest board came to life in front of their very eyes. It was my life and I loved it, but with weddings and now expecting it became an overwhelming season. When Kevin and I made the decision to transition home as I awaited the arrival of our baby boy, my mind began racing as I was always caught changing around our furniture & decor, organizing, and designing our dream nursery. I WAS LIVING OUT A DREAM.

I set out to create a lifestyle for my growing family in a home we made our own through budget friendly design ideas and intentional quality time spent with my husband excitedly awaiting the arrival of our boy. THIS is my dream and I believe it is a dream of many other ladies too. To combine your home, family, and design and make it your own. My dream for you is to craft an intentionally designed life through budget friendly and quality investments in your home, family, and life. All my Mamas from just found out you were expecting to and empty nester Mama this is for you! 

Want to know more? Here are 5 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I am a hat lover!

2. I love action movies.

3. I've NEVER had braces.

4. I am not afraid to post an embarrassing picture (hence me peeing on the toilet in one)

5. Me and Kev were suppose to have an 8 month engagement and thought heck lets get marries and planned our wedding in 4 months. 

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