How To Survive The Beach With A Babe

I’m literally writing this as I sit on the beach with a sleeping babe so it does not get anymore real than this.

We’ve been to the beach once before with him but he was smaller and a little more manageable than this go around. It also doesn’t help the hubby had to stay home and work so I’m single parenting it alongside my parents. Now Father Tom (my dad) he’s a baby whisperer and loves to hold Van, Mom well if you know my mom you know, if you don’t let’s just say she is the life of the party and LOVES to play with Van! So they are both a tremendous help. But a 6 month old who insist on having everyone’s attention at all times can be a lot to handle when you throw in a million pounds of sand, salt water, sun, and just heat.

So I thought as I sit here what’s a better time than to write how we’re surviving out here.

#1. BABY POWDER. Y’all I said it yesterday, and I never believed it until I didn’t have an option. The myths are true baby powder works wonders when it comes to sand removal. Literally baby covered in sand extremely irritable because no one likes that scratchy feel dump the baby powder wipe it off with a towel and BAM clean baby! I have done this every time right before he goes down for a nap and it works like a charm!

#2. JUST GET THE WAGON. My dad looked at me when he saw the price and I said I do not care I am getting it. I promise we will not regret it. So far no regerts (sorry if you’ve never seen the movie :)) It serves as a cart for the tremendous amount of baby stuff we have AND a bed!! WIN FREAKIN WIN.

#3. JUST LET THE KID SLEEP. Some parents insist on taking the kid in for nap time, but I promise what better sound machine then the freakin live ocean. There’s not. So lay a towel in the wagon and let em sleep. It will be the best sleep they’ve ever gotten + you can catch some extra rays and not miss a beat!

#4. GET A BABY CHAIR. Everyone looked at me like some Instagram mom or something when I checked out the mini beach chair and umbrella but I didn’t even amuse the haters I just kept on going because I knew keeping the tush outta the sand was going to be next to impossible on a towel. His bitsy chair is not only the cutest thing I’ve ever seen but incredibly practical for him to eat and play in!

It’s rough seas out here sipping my wine with my toes in the water, but having the right get up beach style has saved this Mama from a headache and I can actually enjoy the beach!