I Thought It Was Going To Be...

The famous first words to what almost always turns into heartache or a disaster. But Marriage is the thing just like any other when you go into it headfirst with expectations higher than the Empire State Building its gonna crash and burn. Funny you thought I was gonna say something happy and giddy to start right? Well I got your attention huh?

GOOD! Because this is a serious hot topic. More likely than not people automatically assume if they just get married things will get better, when they get married if you just... (fill in the blank) it will get better but marriage is a constant challenge of being selfless. Going into marriage we did things a bit different, who woulda guessed it? 

We didn't have the normal wedding in fact we bumped up our wedding day from October to June because who the heck wants to wait that long if you really want to get married! Many thought we were crazy in fact many tried to talk us out of it for the simple fact that we were young, broke, and going TOO fast. But all we knew or saw was each other and that was that. But the people who sought Jesus first and then loved us were ecstatic and ready to party with us! 

So that brings me to the simple fact of what I thought marriage was going to be like. We are both extremely simple, very logical people so we weren't expecting things to be much different than they were and they aren't

1. IT WAS GONNA BE FUN.... AND IT IS. I get to do life with my best friend every single day. We have mega sleep overs every single night. Let me know if it gets much better than that and ill wait. 

2. IT WOULD BE HARD BUT WORTH IT. We knew going into it both loving Jesus, the D word (divorce) reigned no option if it ever (it never would) came down to it. There are lots of reasons marriages do not work and it breaks my heart to see them end because marriage can be SO COOL if done with the right person. So we knew if we disagreed fairly and made up quickly and put each other first we wouldn't loose. 

3. I THOUGHT I KNEW HIM... UNTIL I MOVED IN. Boy is this real. You are seeing this person in his or her best, worst, ugly, and dang he fine moments. Its the last person you see and the first when you wake up. They quickly find out everything you never wanted them to know about you. So do ya self a favor learn to clean up after yourself, and buy a king size bed so you don't show him all the bad stuff ;) 

Ladies this is the start to a 3 part series on marriage and i'm pumped about it because it is a hella alot of fun!