You Got Rolls? Join The Club

Have you ever sat down with your popcorn and coke ready to dive into a movie only to feel gross about yourself because you can feel that muffin top creepin' over your pants? But you eat it anyway? Yeah me too and pass the raisinets while your'e at it! 

But you know what the second I stand it... well sometimes goes away. But the days it has a mind of its own I tend to creep on other moms who take their "postpartum transformation" pictures and get beyond discouraged. I mean girl you look good but i'm over here like why do I still have so many stretch marks, why is my little stubborn mom pooch still a thing. I'm not use to this. I've always had it easy playing sports every waking moment always being active in everything I can get my hands on and now I do good to do some squats with a 20lb. baby.

But guess what today I'm choosing to START SOMEWHERE. Do I love my body? I'm learning to each day. Is it hard? Harder than I ever imagined. Is it worth it? Absolutely! 

Loving your body gives you the confidence you deserve to go after all of your hopes and dreams and i'm choosing to START TODAY! So while I can self pity and sit around doing nothing I am choosing to start today by drinking only water! (and my 1 cup of coffee because well that's just a given) 

So start with ONE thing today and let's do this thing together and conquer the world OK?