Do I actually “Stay” at home.

Do you actually go to work? It humors me on the daily when people assume stay at home moms sit and watch soaps all day while their kids timelessly sit and play by themselves. HA. Jokes on you.  

We are on this 24/7 call where we answer to every coo, cry, and poop. We play, talk to tiny humans, and console round the clock. But what’s actually amazing is when someone ask what I do on the daily it’s anything but the typical stay at home all day.  

We are movers and shackers over here in the Johnston household and we want our kids to grow up being just that. We love the thrill of new ventures, new friends, and a boat ride every once in a while. So do I “stay at home” Yea, and no. While I consider myself a stay at home mom that’s not how we roll.

Now many would differ but since were go with the flow kinda people we do not have a set schedule for Van. Shock the planners everywhere. So when he is tired he takes a nap, when he’s hungry he lets us know and when he wants to go sleep we know it. Now I’m not saying he makes all the calls he has pretty much self established a routine and it’s probably the same as your child’s! About every 2 hours he takes a nap- eats plays- takes a nap. It’s amazing. 

So with our no schedule kinda days we take them as we come getting ourselves in all kinds of new projects and things, and we occasionally go see Daddy on the job sites!  

It gives us the freedom to not feel confined to one space and the ability to see the world! He’s little but he’s learning and growing daily so why not show him the world he lives in!

But if you’re a homebody do your thing. We’ve just found what works great for us so we’re sticking to it!