How I made it through leaving my babe for the first time.

Whew that was rough.  

I’m not going to lie one bit it took everything inside of me not to break down crying as we walked out of the door. Not because I thought he wasn’t going to be ok, he was in great hands but I almost felt like I was “leaving” him. When in reality yes I was physically leaving I didn’t want him to think I was never coming back.

Ok Angie... he is 6 months old he is not going to have abandonment issues because you get away for one night. Want to know how I did it? 

It’s no master logic is really because I knew I needed it. As much as I didn’t want to vocalize how bad I needed it because well I’m stubborn I did, and Kevin knew I needed a break. I mean for 6 months I have been by his side almost 24/7 except for the occasional date. But I think that’s where it got difficult. He wasn’t having the separation anxiety I was.  

So how can I help you?  

Just do it. Walk out of the door and get away with your hubby. Ours particularly fell on our anniversary so it was perfect but even if it’s just for a night like ours it seriously refueled me. I feel like I’m a better mom because I was able to get away for a second and give myself a little time to recharge.  

Does this make you or me a bad mom? Absolutely not. I mean could you imagine rarely having adult conversations on the daily because your speak baby all day? Or maybe you do not even make it out of the house most days because it’s more of a hassle then just staying in. NO this does not make you a bad mom. It makes you human, it makes you an adult. So do you mama, plan a get away and go for it how bout you even throw in a spa day while you’re there? I did and it was incredible. 

It made me a better mom to Van today because I am able to love him better!