Keeping The Spark Alive

It’s getting hot in here... and then the baby screams. So put back on your clothes. Because let’s be serious the baby screaming just killed the mood. 

Raise of hands for all the moods that have been killed, the husbands dreams being crushed, and your nights taking a turn for well the not what you expected 🙋🏼‍♀️.

I was asked last week, how have you kept the spark alive in your marriage after baby?  

Honestly it made me think for a minute, because it has been different and if your not intentional it can get hard. But there were a few things we agreed on after finding out we were preggers so now I’m gonna let you in on our secret. 

1. PRIORITIZE YOUR SPOUSE: I cannot stress this one enough. If you do not prioritize them how do you expect their to be a spark much less a flame. One of my favorite ways we do this is the very first thing when he walks in the door is he hugs and kisses me first. Yes he loves on little dude too but I am always first. We want our kids to know our marriage always comes first. You will love your kids better if you love your spouse best.  

2. Ain’t no monkeys in the bed: Now calm down all you co sleep mamas, this may not be for you. But the most important thing we have done for our marriage is making space of our own. Aka our bed and bedroom. Now do not get me wrong their our nights where he does not sleep and we toss him in the bed so we can all get some sleep but he ALWAYS goes to sleep in his crib. Because let’s be honest, how the heck do you have more babies if your babies are sleeping in the baby maker? 

3. DATE NIGHT IS REAL. Real talk. My most favorite times are the times I get to spend one on one with my hot hubby. So why not show him off to the world on our date nights? This time is important. Value it, protect it. Just do it and thank me later!  

Now go out and make some babies I mean some spark 😉