Schedule or Na?

Hello my name is Angie and winging is my middle name. 

Do not get me wrong I love a good schedule to go by, but heck even when I planned weddings half the time I was winging it. Because hey fake it till you make it am I right? 

The same holds true to mamahood. Believe me I tried about every schedule in the books and please don’t comment about every baby needs to be on a schedule. I promise if anyone knows your child it’s you, and we’ll my child gets laid back honestly from both me and my husband. So he naps when he’s tired, eats when he’s hungry, poops when he feels the urge and he’s just about the happiest baby on the planet. But you know what the crazy thing is, it’s the almost the same time everyday! WOW you’re telling me you didn’t force a schedule and the baby knew his body? YES! Because we’re human when we’re tired we sleep and when we’re hungry we get hangry same goes as this little one. 

But we do have a consistent morning and night! Honestly because mornings are not my thing and feeding him while I drink my coffee is just important for all. If I don’t drink my coffee I do not come alive therefore cannot take care of my child.  

So here’s about our day give or take.  

7:00-8:30 this is about the time he wakes up every day. Some days he likes to party earlier than others  (we’re gonna day today we woke up at 8:00) 

8:00-8:30 as soon as he wakes up I change his diaper and fix my coffee and his bottle. We watch the today show while we get in our liquid nutrients and chill on the couch. 

8:30 - THEN WE PLAY HARD. We play real hard first thing in the morning because well he’s my husbands child and is quite the morning person 😳. 

8:30-9:30 play play play

9:30-10:00 Eat our solids! Mashed bananas are my fav!

10:10 - get ready for nap!  

10:10-11:10-12:10 this is the question of every day, how long will naps be 🙃 they could be 30 min they could be 2 hours. You will never know.  

11:30- same thing- bottle- play- eat- nap. 

His body is on about a 2 hour rotation until some days he decides to stay awake for 4 hours 🙃. 

Then consistency comes in at bed time.  

8:00- bath time

bottle - bed! 

Our days are not crazy and no days are the same! We go to lunch or coffee with our friends we shop we run errands and we visit daddy! 

But we wouldn’t have it any other way!