Do I Pack The Kitchen Sink?


Seriously packing for a baby can wrack a mamas nerves. You feel like if you forget something the world is going to end when really there’s a target 1 mike from your hotel. 

But who’s with me on over packing always wins... except when there is minimal room or you have to fit everything in a carry on 🙃.  

Today im gonna help a mama out and let you in on our packing game, because well it’s getting pretty strong and it started out with 2 oversized bags and is now down to 1 carry on for me and him! 

1. Lay it out there. I’m a believer in laying things out. Whether it’s your clothes for the next day, or for putting up your laundry. I spread things into piles to make sure I have everything. It mostly takes over the bed but for this weekends short getaway it wasn’t that much!


2. List it out by days. This helps SO much. I write down each day we are going to be there and separate by morning, afternoon, night and bed. This gives me 3 outfits for the day and 1 sleeper. Because if the kid is going through more than 3 outfits he’s either a diva or sick from blowouts so we should just stay home. This helps eleminate the overpacking senerio where you want to pack a shirt just because it’s cute but it won’t match a thing in your bag. 

3. Pair outfits - the worst thing is when you are trying to find the pants to your shirt, shoes to your socks and they are all so tiny so they just bunch up together. Save yourself the trouble on the back end and roll up your outfits together so come time for a quick change everything is right where you need it!  


1. Clothes - 3 outfits a day + 1 bedtime 

2. Diapers - I always estimate 7 changes a day so you do the calculation. 

3. Formula - I never skimp on this, because who loves a screaming hungry child with no formula? Bring a whole tub. 

4. Wipes on wipes. You never know when ya might need one so I always throw in an extra. 1 in the diaper bag - 1 in the suit case. 

5. Meds- always just in case, ain’t nobody got time for a nighttime run while staying ina. Foreign place to find medicine.  

6. Blankets + toys. I always like our room to feel like he’s at home so I lay down one of his blankets in a pack and play and it smells like home. 

7. Bath wash + wash cloth. Essentials

8. Extra bottles

9. Bibs

10. Extra pacis