Honestly I Thought This Was The End. - Sickness overtakes Johnston House.

I've been a little MIA hitting the blog lately because well the Johnston household has been down and out for the count. I'm not sure what overcame us but whatever it was, was NO BUENO. 

It started with me and honestly the last time I got this sick I was pregnant so immediately that's where my brain wondered until I picked up Van and up he hurled all over me. It's funny because puke is so disgusting until it's your baby child and you go in Mama mode, it's like all sensory is turned off and you're just doing everything to make sure they're OK. 

So we start the bath meanwhile i'm still covered... minutes later Kev looks at me and says I don't know what's wrong but I do not feel good. Coming from this man when he says he doesn't feel good, he doesn't feel good. 

How did we survive? Honestly I don't know. It's kinda like labor, the only thing that gets you through is you can see the light at the end of the tunnel somewhere. That's how I felt I knew eventually it would all end. 

But for real the best mom hacks I figured out while having a sick baby and still having to be a mom while you're sick?

1. A bath was the only thing that made me feel comfortable, if you saw my insta you know how I survived. Even though little dude didn't feel good he didn't show it. Still wanting to play, so what do ya do? Grab the bouncer and put it right at the bath tub. Win freaking win! 

2. Ask for help! I mean I know we all think we're super heros sometimes but lets be honest when you are down and out and you still have to mom it's hard. The first night I was sick Kev was still good, needless to say he was up all night long with little man while I attempted to sleep. 

3. Just keep your head above water. It's kind of like getting through the first week of newborn-hood. Thriving is an understatement. It's hard. You are sleep deprived and you are adjusting and so is your little babe so just do what you got to do. If that means putting your babe in the bed with you just to get some sleep do what you got to do. If thats taking a bath at 3:30am like me then do it. Its hard but that little babe needs you just as much as you need a minute so keep on trucking this two shall pass. 

The best sick remedies I found:

1. Hyland's cold medicine (from Earth Fare) 

2. Frozen veggies. Not to eat to put on your body when it hurts. 

3. The hottest bath you can take.