Celebrating the Mama to Be

A this Mothers Day marks one year from when we announced to the world that a baby Johnston was coming into the world in December. 

I remember thinking “I’m not a mom yet so next year will be my first Mother’s Day.” But when we got to lunch that day not only was my mom and sister in law celebrated because they were “already moms” but I was shocked to see the pile of sweet gifts and cards everyone lavished me with because I was a mom too.  

With little Van in my belly and at that point not even knowing if it was a boy or a girl it hadn’t quite hit me that indeed I was a mom. Just because I didn’t have him in my arms yet didn’t mean I wasn’t already attached, already gaining those mama instincts, or already love this child more than he/she would ever imagine. So today mama to be 8 want to celebrate you.  

This is your day to, although next Mother’s Day will look a lot different this Day is still special for you because you are growing a human inside of your belly. You’re heart is about to burst with love because you are already feeling kicks or maybe you just found out you were pregnant that is your babe and you are his or her mama! 

So here’s to you mama to be and all though kicks, rolls, and morning sickness. To you growing your baby and being the best mama already! You are loved and you deserve to be celebrated this week because well growing a baby is freaking hard work.  

The first mama to be to share my last post on their Instagram stories and tag 3 mama to be’s will get a southern modern mom tee!