Save, save, save no matter what.

Where my ladies at that love a good bargain?

Most people judge me wrong when they think ahh that girl likes nice things so she must spend an arm and a leg whenever she makes purchases. WRONG. Im a dolla saver, forever tried and true. Its who I am. The thrill of the chase gets me every time. That is why when Sprouts knocked on my door I opened on up. 

Alright Mamas you heard it here first, and don't you dare say I didn't warn you. JUNE 13th you best mark it on your calendars now for my fellow dolla savers because the first 200 people in like for the Sprouts grand opening receive 20% off of their total purchase. I said it 20% off your WHOLE purchase. (doors open at 7am so I suggest you camp out. :)) 

The two biggest deals you can snatch up this grand opening weekend?  First 200 customers who make a purchase will get 5 free deli items I mean hello sandwiches for dayzzz + you get a free reusable bag!


So you know I like a good deal but I love me some Sprouts brand products! They sent over a few items to try and lets just say the potato chips or the organic chocolate coconut snacks didn't stand a chance with this mama + avocado cooking spray has been used about every day. 

They are always evolving their brand with your taste buds and its a win win! They're seasonal offerings match up with your pumpkin spice delight in the fall and peppermint mocha in the winter. So what you didn't like what you tasted? They offer a 100% money back guarantee now I will sit and wait on a better store. 

As always I do not rave about products I do not believe in but y'all this is one I'm getting behind and so should you!