Our Bedtime Routine

Am I a routine kinda girl? Not in the slightest. But when it comes to bedtime there is something to be said about consistency.

Heres the thing we were sleeping through the night at 3 months, we thought we had conquered this parenting sleep training thing. Then word on the street was this “4 month regression” was in our near future. I thought na he’s got it figurered out well I thought wrong. 

Here we are almost to month 5 and the past month has been well.... sleep hell. Waking up 2 or 3 Times again... but word on the street is keep on keeping on and they will sleep once again! So I’m holding on to this truth and doing the same ol thing every night in hopes that one day soon we will see sleep again!

So what do we do?  

BATH TIME! It’s his absolute favorite thing. We have a water babe for sure. This always calms him down and sets the stage for the evening.  I’m a multi tasker at its finest so while he’s taking a bath in the sink (in his bathtub ) I’m making his bottle and getting his diffuser ready. 

GETTING READY FOR BED. the diffuser goes on always with “sleepyize” from young living then onto changing him. He is currently in the sleep sack but the hottest nature boy around so I put on just a short sleeve onesie with “sleepyize” in his feet with socks! 

BOTTLE TIME! After we’re done getting changes we sit in the rocker with just the lamp on worship music playing while he drinks his bottle! 

THE TRANSISTION: once he finishes his bottle he is pretty knocked out so into the crib we go!  

Then we see each other again in a few hours 🤣

Let me know why you’re rountine is and what works for you in my latest Instagram post!