Alright ladies, some of this you’re not going to want to hear. But I hate to break it to ya if you want some help you gotta help him out too. Parenting is just like marriage it’s a two way street. If you do not help him how do you expect to get help in return? 

Today I’m letting you in on three things you can do to help your hubby or significant other out. Through pregnancy, birth and parenting it is a complete flip your life upside down kind of change so here’s 3 simple ways to help a dude out. 

1. Be honest. I mean for real what do you think he is a mind reader? Guilty as charged 🙋🏼‍♀️ 6 tines out of 10 I bottle it up and end up getting frustrated because he didn’t do this or didn’t do that. But you noticed it’s not 9/10 I’m really working on it 😉. But seriously pregnancy and parenting are confusing so help your man out and tell him when you need something. More often than not he will do it no hesitation but if you’re thinking it and wondering why he’s not doing it then you’re gonna get no where but a fight.

2. Let him do it on his own time. Now I might catch some grief on this one but you know the saying, women become moms when they find out their pregnant men become dads when you place the baby in their arms. It’s true. He doesn’t feel tge kicks and jabs, hiccups and what nots so do not force him into loving your child. It will come naturally but let him do it in his own time. 

3.  Encourage bro time. Whoah shock the dang world 😱 why would you ever say such a thing? Well the thing about it is your social life just got the poop shocked out of it and news flash so did his. Now granted this is a two way street and it’s no bueno if he abuses this but in all honesty give him a minute every now and then. Most hubbys are coming straight from a crazy work day after staying up all night into a mad house cry fest. Let him go play 9 on a Saturday or catch a cigar with his friends you will live in a few hours and more likely than not he will return the time off. He’s your baby daddy so he can keep the babe while you go have a spa day. But remember it’s a TWO way street! 

There ya have it ladies now share with your dude and whip this prarenting thing in the bootay!!