What they do not tell you about postpartum life.

There’s tears they say.

Theres blood they say. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of the rumors are true. I wish they weren’t but postpartum life is not all it’s hyped up to be, or is it really even hyped? You have this new precious baby then bam the granny panties are out and you have some what of a diaper on, and those diapercicles yeah they are life. Here are the things I had the furthest from my expectation of what postpartum glory is all about.  

1. “diapercicles” will become your best friend. Yes, you heard it hear first the ultimate postpartum hack and the greatest gift to a woman who just birthed a tiny human is a frozen diaper. And yes you literally put it in your granny panties.

2. Emotional Wreck. Y’all I was not an emotional person. I didn’t even cry during our engagement or wedding for heavens sake, or even birthing Van! But afterwards... the second we got home. I cried for no reason. Not dramatically but would tear up over nothing. So yeah you aren’t just being ridiculous for some reason the waterworks are in extra gear and it just happens so go with it.

3.  A shower will make you feel like you can conquer the world.  One thing I didn’t EVERYDAY was take a shower. It didn’t even matter if I stepped foot out of the house. What they do not tell you is how dirty you feel by what feels like an ocean of blood flowing out of you. So do yourself a favor call up a family member or friend and have them watch or hold baby for 20 minutes and hop in a steamy hot shower. You will feel glorious!

Postpartum is a lifestyle. It’s not just a few days. Having a baby is amazing and crazy all at the same time. So just take each day in stride because something new will make you cry and you will think you can do more than you can. But hey you got this mama.