Watch out there is #NewKaleInTown


Raise your hand if you love a good farmers market find? 

Raise your hand if you can’t stand grocery shopping  🙋🏼‍♀️

What if I told you there was happy meadian coming to Greenville? and it’s not just a farmers market once a week but it’s there everyday!  I am a firm believer in a good find and I think this might just be it for us Greenville people.

From the deli to the butcher it has it all and they are opening June 13th! It is a healthy option for us mamas with all the organic and fresh foods for believe it or not cheap prices 😱 Shock the world because where can you find great quality organic food for cheap? Ya just can’t! Or so I thought, until I was introduced to Sprouts! I mean HELLO 90% of their products are organic and they are 20-25% cheaper than your good ole traditional grocery store. 

From a hubby who loved fresh cut meat but never the time to go to the butcher, and a baby who I love to feed organic produce knocking it all out in one trip is a this Mamas dream. I mean come on the phrase “killing two birds with one stone” has never been so true.  

Y’all this is no exaggeration you better run not walk I said it run to their Grand Opening because it’s not to good to be true. This is just a mama stating her truth 😘

Go check out their site to see the goodness:

Twitter: @sproutsfm

Instagram: @sprouts


Twitter: @sproutsfm

Instagram: @sprouts