5 Things I Didn't Expect Becoming A Mom

Here we are the week of Mother's Day, and all the mama emotions set it. You begin reminiscing on the days, months, and years you've been a mom. The late nights, the giggles, the parenting it's all a blur at this moment. 

But what did you expect when you became a mom? Did you think it was all daisies and butterflies? I mean for the most part it is the most incredible days of our lives but occasionally we have those "would you please go to sleep" nights and what have I gotten myself into moments. 

But this week I want to celebrate the things I didn't expect becoming a Mom. 

1. The "I could literally kiss your face off" kinda love. No one could genuinely prepare you for the overflow of love you experience becoming a mom. Yes, while they're long nights I wake up and see his face and give him all the kisses because I never think he gets enough during the day. It is something you do not know or can not feel until it happens. 

2. The Superpowers that come to you. Y'all, I use to be a dead to this world kind of sleeper. Now... it is like a superpower took over my body and I instinctually wake up right before he wakes up, it varies every night but it never fails its like I can sense his body moving. Maybe it's not every mom but I am confident in the fact every mom has a secret superpower and that is mine. 

3. "I will never be that mom" Is now me. Oh the things you say before you are actually a mom. "I will never do that , I will never do this." Don't knock it till you try it hun. Because if Curious George makes them quit screaming you do what it freaking takes and that's ok. So no don't be "that" mom be you. 

4. I thought it would be harder. This is real life. Especially for all you mamas who are waiting to give birth to your first. I remember the comments, the advice that people would give me all the time. Just wait you don't even know. It is the hardest thing i've ever done. Don't look back now because it's to late. LIES. Yes, it's freaking hard. But if your mindset is loosing before you even get started did you ever have a chance to win? Go in with the idea that no matter the challenge you'll take each day in stride and it will be the best! 

5. I became a bodybuilder: In all realness the mom arms are true. I am hold a 16 lb. baby plus his carseat, push a stroller, carry ten grocery bags and lift a freaking car like its nothing. :) but for real though my husband looked at me the other day after he'd been holding Van for awhile and passed him off because he got to heavy. I'm not sure if as a mom you just become numb to the burn or what but I looked at him in the most loving way like.. you haven't even been holding him that long. LOL but truth is you acquire these arms that can hold something for un lengthly amounts of time without growing weary and it's incredible. 

All jokes aside I didn't expect a lot going into motherhood. Not because I knew or didn't know but because I wanted to take it as it came not holding the expectation to high or to low only to have it crushed. Now I start looking back on the long (jokes) 5 months of mamahood and thrive off of the unexpected! 

I hope this Mother's Day is full of all of the snuggles, giggles, and hugs because you deserve it! 

Love Always,