HOTEL STAY WITH A BABE- How did we survive? Part 1

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“So do they even have a crib?” This is what I was thinking to myself as I was trying to wrap my head around us being crazy enough to stay in a hotel for 5 days with an infant.

Are we crazy? Most would think so. I mean I even thought so. 

Here were my thoughts going into this. 

  1. Where was he going to sleep?
  2. Where was he going to take a bath?
  3. How were we going to sleep in the same room/ he goes to sleep at 7:00 
  4. Bedtime routine was going to be completely out the door?
  5. Is my child ever going to recover?
  6. Would being in a completely different place totally freak him out?
  7. If he screams is it going to wake up everyone?

So here we are getting off the plane well past little mans bedtime, not arriving at the hotel until 11:00pm. We’re nuts I tell ya! The thought of moving him from carseat to bed, with no bath... would he even know it was night time? He has never not taken a bath before bed, I mean isn’t that how he knows he’s suppose to hibernate for 12 hours?

Yeah of course just like the plan ride I freaked for no reason and he was a champ as always. Now don’t think my babes just that great, we’ve had some rough nights but for the most part he has always just gone with it. Because let’s be honest we throw a lot at the little dude. 

So here is how we survived staying in a hotel with an infant. 

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FAMILY FRIENDLY HOTEL: Who woulda thought? I think pictured us walking into this “Resort” and not seeing a kid in sight and being labeled as “That couple with the baby” But boy was I wrong. Apparently this was a kid friendly hotel and I never even knew it! The next morning we woke up went to breakfast and their were families everywhere! Even couples with babies like us! I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. So ladies google, search, do whatever you have to do to find a family hotel. It takes the pressure off of you to try and not make your baby scream because do we even know why the yell half the time?

CALL BEFORE YOU BOOK FOR A BED: After booking it hit me. He’s 3 months old where is he going to sleep? So I immediately got on the phone and asked what we were suppose to do. They said ma’m no worries we have a pack and play! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Now I didn’t have to worry about him sleeping in a big boy bed at 3 months. 

MAKE IT FEEL LIKE HOME: I joked with my husband well before leaving about how much stuff we were going to be bringing and then it became a reality... BUT it worked! Having everything from a crib sheet, all the way down to his wash cloth it made a new environment seem like his own. This allows the little one to adjust easier into a new setting. If were all honest it take a night or two for us to even be able to sleep. So make them feel familiar by bringing all the things along!

BATH TIME? Well all I can say is throw on a bathing suit and get in there with them. Clearly we didn't lug along his bath with us because that would just be crazy wouldn't it (😜). If your like my dude and your babe loves to pee as soon as he's almost done just soak it up and take a shower after.

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JUST GO WITH IT! Your on vacation. So be on vacation. I know for some mamas this is hard because you have worked so hard to get that schedule down to the minute but sometimes you have to improvise with a pool float! By that I mean we made a make shift bed for nap time out of a pool float and its the best nap the dudes ever taken! So live a little and do not live in your hotel room. Make due with your surroundings and if that means sticking your baby in a pool float for nap time so be it. 

Since there is so much goodness to this post i'm going to break it into to post! So find out what we had to do to not wake the babe on Tuesday 😘

Love Always!