The Sleep Training Saga

Here we are Day 4. 

Yesterday there was a plea for help. I had finally hit my breaking point, my dude was being royally combative of sleep and there was no denying it.  

I had read the books tried the things but everyone kept saying “just be consistent” typically babies need 3 nights to adjust. Night 2 I almost threw in the towel.  

It was rough to say the least.

NIGHT 1: we did the same ole night routine. Bath - bottle - bed .  However the “bottle - bed” part was well... a nightmare. For some reason he went from going straight to bed being a freaking baby champ at sleeping to nada, all I need is mom not my bed 🙄 finally after laying his down when he finished his bottle is was the beginning. We went in planning “ 20 minutes” after the 20 were up we would go in “shhh” him calm him down and walk out. Yeah there was no soothe. It was just scream for a solid 2 hours. Then it happened he went to sleep.... only to wake up 2 hours later. This saga went on every two hours so this mama got every bit of 2 hours of sleep. 

NIGHT 2: we made some progress. Did the same ole, he went straight to sleep 🙌🏼 Woke up 3 hours later and was hungry. We gave him a bottle and out we went. Until 2:30 this was the turning point. He self soothed himself back to sleep!!!! Then up again at 5:30. Couldn’t quite self soothe back to sleep so we went in calmed in down and back to sleep he went until that morning! 

NIGGT 3: went to sleep like a champ, woke up once at 2:30 was hungry he ate and passed out until morning!! 

Heres to hoping night 4 is the best yet! 

But I’m also here to tell you, just do what you think is best. For some self soothing isn’t it, they have a method to their madness but that’s the thing it’s THEIR madness. So I’m here to encourage you to do you and be the best mom you can be!