A letter to the “mom to be”

Dear Mama,

I’m not sure what you’ve been told but I know if you’re anything like I was I put on a brave face but was freaking on the inside. But I’m here to tell ya you’re going to survive. You may not thrive the whole way but you will definitely get through it.

They’re nights where you feel run down, and want to throw in the towel, and that’s ok. Let out a little temper tantrum, give yourself a break, breathe and keep going. The nights get easier, the days seem long but the months fly by. 

I find myself often saying, I can’t believe I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night of X amount of months. But hey we’ve got this far and we just keep pushing along.  

You’ve probably been told, your kids are going to tie you down, you’ll never sleep again, There goes your life ect, but let those people have their opinions and prove them wrong. Because you my friend are about to have a miracle in your arms, the best thing that has ever happened so take it all in and never let a day go by that you are not thankful for this chaotic glory. 

For all the haters, let them hate on. It will happen but just continue to do you. They’re a billion schedules, pieces of advice, tips and tricks but ultimately you will come to know your child, you will know what is best for them as their mama. So take it in stride and figure it out!  

So no need to stress and worry, you can google and Pinterest just about anything, you have more resources than you even care for, and more people more than willing to tell you their opinion. But just go with it. 

As for labor. It’s ok to be nervous. You know the biggest thing I was afraid of? ... the epidural. You know what the best thing that ever happened and it didn’t even hurt... the epidural. I was all worked up for nothing like I’m sure you are, just go in with out any expecations and make the most of every moment!  

You, mama you’re going to kill it. I’m so proud of you! You are going to be one heck of an amazing mom and your little babe is lucky to have you 😘