How can you be a Happier Mom?

You’re exhausted I get it. You feel like you can barley keep your head above water and your eyes open sometimes much less be happy all the time! 

But today I’m here to tell you it can happen! You can be the best you! It doesn’t even take much. But I cannot stress how important it is to be a happier you first so you can be a better mom.  

1. TAKE A SHOWER 😂 This is how I truly believe I got through the first few weeks of new mamahood. You do not understand the difference until you do it, especially right after birth. So do yourself a favor call in a friend and let them sit there with your babe for a max of about 30 minutes and give yourself a little you time by hopping in the shower, you will feel refreshed and ready! 

2. TAKE A DAY. I do not care what you are doing how much laundry you have piled up, every two weeks mama needs a day to herself. Whether you treat yourself to a little spa day, or even head on over to target and browse the aisles it is so important to have that time to regroup so you can be a better you! 

3.  FIND YOUR PERSON: this cannot be your husband, preferably another mama that you can talk to. Let it out!

4. DANCE IT OUT! The most fun I have during the day is when Van is eating. I’ll put him in his chair, throw on some jams and dance it out! I mean how can you not be happy when your baby is laughing and you are acting a fool? 

5. COFFEE ANYONE? I’m not talking about the coffee just to get you through, I’m talking about packing up and heading to your local coffee shop, it’s quiet you can people watch and drink the goodness! 

6. BUY SOME FRESH FLOWERS! This may seem so simple, but that brightness can go a long way especially for us stay at home mamas, it’s nice to brighten up the environment! 

7. TAKE A NAP WHEN THEYRE NAPPING 😴 shock the world. I know this is SO hard for us mamas, we see the list, the piles, the dirt and instantly feel the need to do, check off, and clean but just don’t. Just for once I dare ya, and take yourself a little nap 😘 

Stop putting it off and just do it! Go on the vacation if you can, schedule the massage, hire a babysitter and go on a date night!  

** on my latest Instagram post tell me some ways you keep being your best self!