TRAVELING WITH AN INFANT!? You won’t believe what happened!


Whew, this mama was all bent out of shape going into our first flight as a new family. An almost 4 month old on a late night + early morning flights, we were practically setting ourselves up for disaster. 

Clearly he wanted to fool us all because let me just tell you the dude was a champ, and I’m not talking about my hubby although he did pretty good too 😉

Here’s the thing, all the stories I read had me all hyped up about nothing. It was stressing about their ears popping and the tragic stories of screaming babes but let me just tell you it’s not all what it’s hyped to be. It’s actually a breeze. Want to know what made it so easy?

Heres a few tips from a mama who has now taken 4 flights with an infant. 

WEAR THE BABE: This is my number one. Out, in, sideways, backwards (just kidding) but really strap him/her in cause it’s a long ride. Van in our favor instantly falls asleep to the smell of me (what can I say 😉) so naturally as soon as he was strapped in and comfy out he goes. For you mamas where it’s just not that easy I strongly encourage wrapping the babe in around the house to get him/her use to it. The reason it makes it so easy is one; they're comfy, two you now have two hands to carry and do things like get out your license and three you get to walk practically straight through security! WIN - WIN - WIN.

PACK EVERYTHING ( and the kitchen sink) I used about 90% of everything I packed. Did I regret having an abundance of luggage? Nope because I had two free hands and hubby had two hands to lug it. From his snuggle me to his chair we packed it all! For babes the more things they are familiar with the better (i'll talk about this more on Thursday). 

CHECK THE STROLLER AT THE GATE: This was one I wasn't sure if I was going to like but am now 100% supporter. When we checked our bags the attendant strongly recommended after flying several times with a baby to check our stroller at the gate, and gave us a stroller bag to put it in once we got to the gate to eliminate damages. With my obsession with my stroller I was HESITANT to say the least, but I will say she was right! We were able to use the stroller almost as a luggage carrier and if there was a long layover or a long distance from terminal to terminal the stroller came in clutch. Also since we checked at the gate we received it as soon as we got off the plane! NO DAMAGES- Buy a bag!

ITS NOT A MYTH THEIR EARS POP: Really the only time a babe will get fussy is take off and landing. I mean our ears pop to so why wouldn't theirs? But just like our go to is gum, chewing, ect.  just the same for your baby make sure the paci or bottle is in the mouth during take off and landing and your golden. 

DONT FREAK YOU CAN TAKE FORMULA AND BREAST MILK: So I always have this natural fear that someone is going to sneak something really bad into my bag and i'm going to get searched and have a really bad ending. So naturally having an abundance of milk source going into TSA I was a bit on edge. BUT you can take it! Who woulda thunk it? Not me. It is described as a necessary liquid which HELLO it is their food source! So take it on mama, and take a lot because all the worst nightmares would come true if your flight was delayed and you were on your last bottle am I right?

IF MONEY AIN'T NO THANG GO FIRST CLASS: Yall it was GLORIOUS. My amazing husband surprised me on the way back since we had a really early flight I mean early with first class. (NO MORNING MAMA) First ever time doing this and it was worth it! He spoils me to say the least, but with little man having the extra room was great! 

TIMING IS KEY: I said this at the begining and we didn't have much of an option but if you can time your flights around naps. If the little one can be sleeping while strapped on you it makes everyones life easier! If not well hey we couldn't and we all survived. 



Well little man was a trooper. An 8:00pm flight and a 6:00am flight were past both his schedules and he killed it... all the way until... the very last leg. Seriously we were on our last puddle hopper flight from ATL to GSP i'm talking 28 minute flight and dude somehow was constipated. We were on the very front row and the flight attendants were our witness. All of a sudden bright red face in the dead silent plane (you could hear a pin drop) and the loudest grunt (no cry no scream) just straight up poop grunt the kid has ever made. Thankfully this to shall pass and it did, everyone found humor because who wouldn't and we made it home! 

Thursday i'm talking how the heck do you stay in a hotel with an infant, and let me just tell you it gets real. 

Love Always,