5 Ways To Get More Done As A SAHM

Wait is this even possible? So you're telling me I can actually get something done other than barely dress and feed my kids?

YES! Today I am throwing 5 ways to help you get more done as a SAHM, or even a work from home mom like myself. Now do not get me wrong there are somedays where I am doing great to get my head in a hat and pants on my legs but why barely get by when you can thrive with just a few helpful tips?

1. PRIORATIZE: I will preach this until my face turns blue. But it is merely the number one way I can get so much done in one day! The first thing I do before I go to sleep is list out everything I “need” or “have” to get done the next day. Whether it’s appointments, groceries, blog post I list it all, then I put in order of which has to get done first. This ways at the end of the day I’m not looking around like did I even do anything today?

2. INVOLVE THE KIDDOS: yes my dude is only 4 months old and isn’t quite getting into everything yet, keeping his attention is not difficult! Make folding clothes, making beds, cooking and cleaning FUN! 😱. How dare me say it! But seriously I put Van in his bouncer and we dance while I fold clothes, happy baby, clean clothes win freaking win.

3. NAP TIME IS GO TIME: this might just be for me but I have about 45 minutes - 1.5 on a good day 3 times a day to freaking knock it out! This is where prioritizing goes ALONG WAY! Two list, one you can do with kids one that you prefer to do without. Like I would rather edit a picture and write a blog while he’s sleeping (like now for instance) so when he wakes up he has my undivided attention. 

4. HIT THE GYM: whoah, I know what you’re thinking. This lady is CRAZY! Yeah I might be a little but if I can knock out a small workout and he’s happy another win for the Home team. I mean the dude loves the stairmaster. Mama on the other hand, no shot. But even for you mamas who has multiples or no gym, throw on a Zumba video and let the kids dance along with you. 

5. MULTI FREAKING TASK. We’re moms. That is what we were born to do. Feed the baby while drinking coffee, folding clothes, answering emails, and paying bills.... all at once. I mean what mom doesn’t have ten arms? But for real if I can throw a bottle in his mouth with one hand while fueling myself with coffee in the other it’s worth it. But my absolute go to is feeding van while I cook(baby food) he sits in his high chair right beside the sink. This allows me to feed myself plus baby.  

These are all common sense but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you have a baby crying, dishes pulled high, and running on no sleep. So BREATHE mama. It doesn’t all have to get done in one day! Take it one minute at a time.