Does a SAHM mean I watch Netflix all day? [common misconceptions of a stay at home mom]

Here’s the thing. All you 9-5 folks have set hours. We SAHM work from the second our eyes open to the minute they close, and all the hours in between comforting a waking baby. 

So let’s address the misconceptions many have for us SAHM.  

1. ITS NOT A JOB. Well ofcourse you would never consider it a job. It’s like saying you babysitting your own children, no you’re not they’re your children. You’re simply being a parent. But I promise you one thing if we clocked our hours it would be the same as working 2 full time jobs + a little overtime. So would I consider it a job, no I consider it a privilege to be able to watch my children grown up. But is it difficult, more hours, and more taxing than a job. Yes it most certainly is.

2.  WE BINGE WATCH SHOWS ALL DAY. Is the TV on most of the day? Yes. Am I ever really watching it? Well most of the time it is curious George or Jimmy Neutron so no I’m not watching it, I’m taking care of a baby who needs my undivided attention almost 24/7. 

3. I WANT MY LIFE BACK: If us SAHM we’re all completely honest there has been days when we want to go back to working. It seems like life would just be easier, quieter, more relaxing. But heck we wouldn’t trade this for the world. We are almost always the first to see their first and what mom wouldn’t want not miss a thing! So no my “old life” never runs through my head because I get the constant smiles, giggles, and talks. Hey 

4. MY HOUSE STAYS CLEAN ALL THE TIME: HAHA jokes on you.  I barely have time to shower between the coos and cas, the cry’s and laughs. The feedings and diaper changes, when I said it’s more hours than 2 full time jobs I meant it. So no I do not have time to clean my house everyday, I mean come on I even pee with a baby in my lap. 

5. THE ADVICE NAP WHILE THEY NAP: Y’all, is this even a thing, do people do this? If you do please speak some life into me because this NEVER worked for me. Yes I am exhausted, yes I should be sleeping but by the time I put him down, cleaned up our mess. Maybe made some food for myself, peed in silence, and lay down he’s waking back up and we do it all over. So no, drinking coffee all day everyday is not a misconception. We live on it. 

Love always,