Were we labeled as that couple with the baby?

These past four months I have always been so concerned we would be labeled as “that couple with the baby” In our loft, restaurants, stores ect. But in a hotel? My nerves were wrecked going in. I mean besides our loft all other places you are likely to never see these people again and could care a less what their opinion is. But In a resort? You will wake up and likely see the same people for breakfast, lunch and dinner if your lucky. The last thing you want is that label. If you asked me now If a care? Absolutely not!

Last week I talked about how we survived hotel life giving you some pretty great tips, but all you likely heard before. Today, these are the things no one told me and I didn’t read. The things I wish I knew then what I know now. 

1, DONT FORGET TO LATHER UP.  I’m talking about you mama. I know you got that babe covered, but I made the mistake of being so concerned with Van I was so red I could of been mistakes for “Cajun Shrimp” and I’m talking about the OPI nail color. YES THAT BURNT. So do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen. 

2. IF YOU CAN GET A SUITE GET A SUITE. We didn’t think it was necessary and later found ourselves in the bathroom talking over dessert because we didn’t want to wake the babe.  


3. BRING A COOLER: That milk is like gold so don’t ruin in. This is one thing we brought and I will never regret it! 

4.  DONT FORGET THE SOUND MACHINE. This thing literally saved our butts. Not because it soothes him to sleep because he will really fall asleep anywhere, but because if we were talking he couldn’t hear us!! 

There you have it mamas.

Now go plan yourself a vacay because you deserve it 😘

Love Always,