How to be a SAHM and do it all!


I have a question for ya mama. Do you really want to stay at home? I mean seriously does being a SAHM sound boring to you or like your called to do it ? 

I think that’s what it all boils down to. If you love staying at home with your kiddos than you naturally want to do more. Now don’t get me wrong just the sound of it is exhausting because are shifts start when our eyes open and stop when we finally hit the sheets and our eyes closed. (And sometimes through the night) 

Are you that type A mama who wants the dishes done house spotless, kids down for two long great naps, and dinner cooked before hubby gets home? Or the mama who could carealess it’ll get done sooner or later? 

What if I told you, you could be the first one with the stress free feeling of the second? Wait no that’s not even possible!  

You heard it here ladies it is possible! Want to know my secret?  

I don’t pressure myself to get it all done. I use to have this really bad habit of feeling like I had to finish my entire to do list in one day or I just didn’t succeed, actually I told myself I failed. (I’m a harsh critic on myself)  

But what if I told you all it takes is something simple. So here it is I’m gonna tell you how I can be a SAHM and do it all (not literally) 

1. PRIORITIZE. This is my number one. I make out my to do list and prioritize in the order I feel they need to get done. My WANTS - NEEDS - HAVE TO HAVE list. It works every time. That way when babe is occupodo or taking a nap mama gets those top notch things crossed off. Then when babe needs my attention he gets it undivided. This also helps me not feel defeated if I didn’t get something that was extremely important done because I was to busy on the small things.  

2. Limit yourself to 3 main task to get done. This way you can focus on these things and again prioritize which have to or need to get done first. When I first started staying home I thought I could get a weeks worth of things done in one day. SIKE. So don’t try and out do it because hey you have a pretty darn taxing job so do what’s important and stick to it.  

3. MANAGE YOUR TIME. It’s not that hard. Grab a calendar and time out your day. First write in the naps that have to be taken, the food that has to be eaten, and so on and so forth. This way you can plan your day accordingly.  

What if I told you I had something that you can actually put this to the test. You can prioritize, and time your days with one source? Would this help you? If so keep a look out because in the next few weeks I’ll be launching the mommy and me calendar which will help all my fellow stay at home mamas and working mamas get more done by planning better!  

MY CHALLENGE: Try these three things out one day and comment on my latest post or DM me to share how it worked! 

Love Always