Tips to Styling an Open Concept

Styling an open concept room:

So there you are sitting Indian style in the middle of the room. What is suppose to be the kitchen, living, dining and office and it’s all just one open space.

Where the heck does everything go?

This was me, we were moving in, all the furniture seemed to come quicker than I could place it and I had never done this. Never in my years of loving interior design had I styled one large open concept room.

So I did what I do best REARRANGE until it was how I wanted it.

  1. Your TV natural becomes a focal point, so arrange your living furniture around the TV.
  2. Entertaining is always grouped together. We decided to place our living around our dining and kitchen because that is where we are 99.9% of the time.
  3. RUGS! They naturally create areas. Hence “area rugs” Use them as a sense of direction, one for your kitchen, one for your living area so on and so forth.

These are my quick tips to styling an open concept, honestly just rearrange until it looks right babe 😘