Alright this is for all you Mamas out there. 


How many times have we all been stuck in a bind knowing little babe is about to wake up and dang you forgot the bottle or shoot you just ran out of diapers?

This has happened one to many times with me. Several occasions has been a desperate run to the closest Target, or even Walmart when I'm desperate. But today I'm going to share with you a few little items I NOW never forget! 

When we were registering for babe items I knew from the beginning the type of diaper bag I was going to use. I was an easy, convenient, stylish bag that I can have BOTH hands free. The huge satchel days are over and I will never look back. BOOK BAGS are the way to go! 

I promise I tried both (well never the large satchel because thats just not my style) but I did try an over the shoulder bag and it always fell off my shoulder when I was trying to tend to Van and was just an all around inconvenience. 

When I found the LAND bag I knew this was it. The installated bottle pockets, the deep bag, with many compartments was just what I needed. But neutral enough were Daddy can throw it on to, because lets be honest those Dads going around in those pink purse like bags... just don't do it to your husbands ok? No matter how sweet he is because he is going to help you just help the man out and get a neutral bag.

Now I got the bag. What all goes in it?

Here are my ESSENTIALS:


Formula - We now just keep a whole can full because were on the go type of people and never know how long we will be out and about. 

DIAPERS - This is a bit of an obvious one but hey I have forgot to replenish a time or two so now I keep a small pack full in each car!

Wipes - Just goes along with the diapers but I now also keep a pack in each vehicle. They aren't just for wiping booties but boogies, drool, spit up. They take care of it all! 

Nose sucker - Little babes can't blow their nose or pick their boogies yet, and who's happy when they can't breathe? I keep a small portable one just in a spare pocket. 

Infant Tylenol - This is just in case. 

PACIS - I keep a spare pack along with the one attached to him because those things ALWAYS disappear they're kind of like socks.

Hand Sanitizer- Not because I'm a freak and germ a fob but HELLO FLU SEASON. 

Extra Change of Clothes - Anyone else experienced blow outs in the most in opportune places and times? (RAISING MY HAND) Blow outs, throw up, spit up, covered in drool? I wouldn't be happy if I had to stay in those clothes all day either so I like to keep a spare just in case things get wild. 

Burp Cloth


I try to stick to the basics, if I don't need it I'm not going to bring it again because hauling around those massive bags are just a little to much for this mama.

Heres to all those forgetful moments, in a bind, creative times where anything becomes a burp cloth! You got this mama.

Love Always,