So your hubby just asked you on a date and you’re looking a hot mess, with spit up in your hair, still in your pjs and no make up on! That’s how I roll everyday but I’m going to let you in on a few secrets of how to go from day mama to hot mama

I get ready in about 15 minutes and it shocks my husband every time. But if we’re all honest what new mom, or mom with a few kiddos has that kind of time to get ready for a date? 

NIGHT SHOWERS: I finally go through are bed time routine and put little man down, now it’s time for some me time. Aka shower time. I take a shower almost every night because well who really has time to blow dry their hair? Not me! So HELLO AIR DRY. 

DRY SHAMPOO: it’s my best getting ready hack. I take a shower almost every night so my hair air dries but still not looking the cleanest the next night I toss my go to, Coconut miracle oil dry shampoo. 

OUTFIT: I’m mostly one for sneaks, jeans, and a tee so on date nights I wear something that can easily go from day to night. Like these outfits for instance! All I did was throw a pair of shoes in the car and that sexxyyyy sequin jacket 😍. 




it’s as easy as that hot mama, so slap on that red lipstick cause ya looking hot 😘

Love Always,