All you ladies who go off the registry for showers fess up now! 

No but really, who are you? Cause that ain’t cool. I’m a sucker for a registry, you know why? Because believe it or not that’s what the people actually want. Are you surprised? Because you shouldn’t be... hence why they spent hours researching the best baby gadgets, and newest things and going around target with their scanner guns.  

Registries are simple. So why stray?  

From a now three month experienced mama, the best things I received from my showers were the things I actually wanted 😳. But wanna know my secret to every baby shower?  

A BASKET. Seriously ever baby shower I go to which tends to be a few these days I make a huge basket of essentials. Wanna know why? Because those are the things that everyone doesn’t want to purchase off of the registry because it’s not “cute” but I cannot tell you how many times the basket my mom made for me has come in quite handy in those 2:00am rants. 

When the heck is a new mom going to buy Tylenol for infants? She’s not until she needs it and you know when she needs it? When every store is closed, and she has a screaming baby on her hands. 

So next time that baby shower invite comes in the mail and you’re at a loss for what to get because you don’t know mamas style or you THINK you know the perfect outfit don’t. Just don’t. Unless mama has told you or better yet picked it out herself go with the basket. It will save you and you will be that mamas hero because if you really want to be remember don’t let it be that hideous outfit you expect her to put her child it, let it be because you saved her butt one night coming in clutch with the essentials. 


Diapers (any size mostly 1&2) 



Hand Sanitizer  

Tylenol for infants  





Baby Wash (mamas prefrence)

Baby Lotion  (mamas preference)

Motrin for infants 

Nose Sucker  

Wash Clothes  

Saline Drops  

This should do it 😘 thank me later, 

(I’m only saying it because it’s what everyone’s thinking 🤷🏼‍♀️)