“I need you to tell me if I’m crazy or not” - Anna Duncan

The famous first words of all our best work. After watching the newest hit movie The Greatest Showman  Anna was hooked. The love story captured many and we were definitely two of those many. But if I’m being honest I didn’t see the movie until AFTER the styled shoot 🙈.

This is just how Anna and I roll though, we throw out a crazy idea and we just make it happen, but this happened to be one of the craziest I think we have pulled off and by pulled off I mean straight outta thin air. I get the call on Friday afternoon shortly after birthing a baby (no biggie) just sitting their pumping (tryna keep it real here) when I see her name pop up. Immediately I know she’s got something up her sleeve and the starts spilling what I sounds to be the most magical idea and says “Ya think we can make it happen.... by Monday?” My inner mama of a two week old says no, but my crazy adventurous side ALWAYS says yes to a challenge. So challenge accepted.  

We knew if we wanted any chance of a feature we had to pull this off fast so fast we did, the love story unfolded practically before our eyes. So here’s to Oscars week and our Greatest Showman inspired shoot being featured on our favorite wedding blog today, Green Wedding Shoes. 


And if if you were wondering I just saw the movie this week with Anna and I’d say we hit the nail on the head with this one. (Oh and I brought my little babe with me to the movies and he killed it )  


Design- Me :) 

Photography - Anna Duncan

Florals - Culpepper Designs  

Hair + Make Up - Cotton Rouge (Jade Fleenor)

Watch as the magic unfolds 👇🏼