What TO DO When Planning A Wedding

It the biggest day of your life they say, everything has to be perfect they say. "BUT WHAT THE HECK DO I DO" - I said. 

Believe me I planned weddings for 4 years and have been directing weddings since I was 17! (Yeah I know crazy right?) People trusted me with the "biggest and best" day of their lives. QUE FREAK OUT. But hey it doesn't have to be that difficult. 

When I first started in the wedding industry I was overwhelmed. There were a million vendors who all thought they were the best, Pinterest was just becoming a thing so everyone had to have that Pinterest Perfect wedding and well it just was not all a reality. 

Those Brides who let me "do my thang" were my dream brides but lets just say those Brides didn't come around very often, because this world chalked up weddings to be fairytale dreams. So today I'm here to help you make that fairytale dream without loosing all of your marbles. 

1. FIND VENDORS THAT FIT YOU - I cannot stress this enough. There are multiple different vendors for each thing you need, a hundred venues, several caterers, and well there are only a hand full that can actually pull off this dream wedding. So I encourage you to test the waters, go to several consultations finding the vendors that you believe you will work best with! 

2. DO NOT ALWAYS GO WITH THE CHEAPEST: There are some things you can cheap out on in a wedding and there are things YOU CAN NOT. #1 being florals. Working with my mom as an awesome florist for years and as a wedding designer I saw the weddings that decided to cheap out on florals and it made me cringe. Mainly because this can make a cheap wedding look like a million bucks. #2. Your Photographer. This is what you have to remember for the rest of your days so please do yourself a favor and hire a photographer that actually does your wedding day justice. 

3. SET A BUDGET. This will save your flipping tale. Enough said. Do not try and have a $50,000 wedding if you only have $10,000 to spend. I said this before and I will say it again find your WANTS - NEEDS - HAVE TO HAVES and prioritize your budget accordingly. 

** HINT HINT this is one of the biggest challenges of wedding planning so to help you out a little I may or may not have a budget planner coming your way in the future. Just hit that subscribe button at the bottom and you'll be the first to get it!

Love ya babe,