Mantle Madness

You walk in the house and BAM there it is the empty mantle. 

You feel like the only time it is somewhat decorated or pleasantly put together is during the Holidays, today I am here to help! Your mantle in most cases is one of the focal points of any home so why not make it something to talk about?

I know many of you probably have your TV placed on top because well there was no where else to put it but have no fear even with a TV it can still look good :) 

In some cases less is more, but in my case of our old home MORE was MORE! One of my favorite design techniques is layering! It is SO easy and looks like you got your stuff together in the design world. 



It is a THREE step process that is all! So head on over to your local Hobby Lobby, Target, Marshalls, or TJ Max and grab a few pieces either picture frames your planning to fill, pieces of art, or some quotes. MIX IT UP! Ofcourse this is for you ladies who won the argument to have the TV on the mantle or to not. 


THE ANCHOR: This is your one focal point in the center, in my case I used a 24'x36' picture of Kev and myself. (This was before little man arrived so the picture may be a bit different these days :)) This can also be huge piece of art or your favorite quote however the 24'x36' size seems to be almost perfect! 


THE WEIGHT: On the corners of your mantle use something dense in texture "heavy appearance" Like candle holders, a vase with dried greenery, or lantern. This gives the weighed out appearance making it not look heavier on one side more than the other. 


FILLER: This is one of my favorite because well, it is all the miscellaneous decor items I have strung around my house and they look bomb all combined :) It doesn't matter if they do not match, it is suppose to be a hodge podge of things!

Here is my mantle for a little creative guidance and also the mock of the one-two-three step process!

Happy Decorating Ladies! 

Tag @southernmodernmom in your finished product so I can see the goodness you create!

Love Always,