Learning To Love My Postpartum Body

You just birthed a tiny human, give yourself a little slack. 



This goes for all you ladies out there. There are many topics that I do not get embarrassed talking about but this is one that makes me squirm. When I first thought about sharing this I started looking through some other mama Instagrams and there it started. THE COMPARISON GAME. Let's just say I wasn't winning. 

They had no stretch marks, some how their stomachs went back to a freaking 12 pack and they walked out of the hospital looking like they were the next Miss America. That is great and all, more power to them but not this mama. All I could see was me trapped in someone else body. But what I knew was this body miraculously just birthed a little babe. It went through 9 months of something growing inside of me, THAT IS INSANE. 


But that was NOT my first thoughts coming out of the hospital. I thought yeah I'm pretty athletic I'll bounce right back... WRONG. I beat up on myself so much that I was asking and googling every source attempting to workout earlier than my 6 week rest time just because my stomach was still a little flabby. 

What I wish I knew then what I know now. 

All these stretch marks that are slowly disappering, and rolls (well they might take a little longer to disapear) everyone of those remind me of the 9 months I carried this sweet boy, all of his kicks, hiccups, and rolls. My girl @Dashing_Darlin wore a tee the other day that said "Start Somewhere" It seriously hit so close to home. I'll get on a health kick and eat all the right things and go a week straight of working out only for the next week to roll around and be lucky if I get there once. But HEY WE GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. 

So ALL of my ladies from the skinniest of minis to the thigh kissin beauty queens (🙋) we all need encouragement. We live in a day where comparing ourselves is second nature, but I'm here to tell you every size, shape, and color is different and we are OUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL. Embrace your beauty, own your body, and BE YOU. My challenge to  you is to spread a little love today and tell a fellow lady they are BEAUTIFUL because who doesn't love a good compliment every once in a while. 😘

Love Always,