Planning on a dime - (How to have a budget friendly wedding)

Hey There Girl, 

Some of us have been there done that others are wondering how the heck to get there. Weddings scream money pits to a lot of people especially those of you who are paying for it yourself or your mom and dads are having mini heart attacks pretending everything is great on the outside :) 

Because we know they want their baby girl to get the wedding of their dreams but you feel guilty for running them almost bankrupt. So today I am going to help you ladies and even you dads out on the money end. 


As a wedding planner but also a wedding designer my biggest struggle was wanting every wedding to be the most extraordinary but also making sure every one of my brides was under budget. It is not so easy when the average wedding is now almost $30,000. That is a flipping car people! 

1. HIRE A PLANNER! I know you're all thinking how the heck is this going to save me money is this not adding to the cost? Let me tell you as a former planner that is my biggest goal to SAVE YOU MONEY! They know the right vendors to keep you within your budget, they put a budget together to make sure you are spending where you need to spend and saving where you need to save. They will also save you years on your life by not stressing over the small things (thats saving yourself!) 

2. SET A BUDGET + STICK TO IT.  Be reasonable people. There isn't much more to say about this. (I'll let you in on a little secret, I am making a wedding budget break down just for you ladies coming soon :) 

3. WANT - NEED - HAVE TO HAVE : Sit down and figure it out. What is your absolute have to have or the wedding can't go on (exaggerating a bit) Mine was my dress. I knew it was a bit much to spend on some fabric but HELLO it was the dress of my dreams and I was willing to save in other areas to spend money on the show stopper. PRIORITIZE! If you do not have to have filet and you can compromise with chicken you are saving yourself TONS! 


4. SWEET TOOTH. - I know wedding cakes can be extraordinary but how many actually taste good? We went with a dessert table and saved $$$. Instead on the 20 million tear diamond studded $1,000 cake I went with about 4 - $40 cakes and hello my guest were thrilled because it was Brick Street! (Cannot go wrong!) Or better yet does grandma bake your favorite cheesecake or aunt Barb make the worlds best cookies rally the friends and fam together and make a full dessert table FO FREE! 

5. NOT OPPOSED TO OFF SEASON? - This one isa little tricky because almost all seasons are wedding seasons now, but all the venue can say is no. Ask if their is a discounted price for off seasons or Friday and Sunday weddings. A lot of times this is true and if you are flexible this will work in your favor! 

Now be on the look out because I might have a few more wedding tips and tricks coming in the form of a book soon :) 

Love Always,