FEBRUARY 15th 2016


I walked into a room with rose pedals and candles leading up to my handsome at the time boyfriend, playing Ben Rector "Forever Like That" in the background 

Now two years later we are married with a 9 week old! Good grief were has time gone? 

I cant believe it has been two years since the day Kev proposed and lets be honest all those people who say don’t blink especially when you have a child... they’re 100% correct. So I’m trying to keep my eyes wide open not missing a thing!  

But today I want to reminisce a little on my hubby and I story on the week of Valentines Day. 

Believe it or not, I will admit I slid into his DM’s the last weekend of August. Just asking how he’s been since FIRST GRADE! (Yes we went to the same elementary school together and were in the same first and third grade class together!) Also thinking hey this dude seems pretty grade and he’s not so bad looking either 😉 Much to my surprise a pint comes to my phone and he has responded with a message much like a book, asking to casually grab lunch. Well meeting for lunch quickly turned into picking me up for a date. Busy schedules got the best of us and after waiting TWO WEEKS we finally went on a date. But in those two weeks we didn’t stop talking and I felt like I already knew this guy and felt like he really knew me.

It definitely showed on our first date when the conversation felt easy. After I whooped his butt in go carts and we talked for hours I knew this was going to be something. After several dates I knew this guy was the one and the feeling was mutual. But after just getting out of a serious relationship, having my heart broken and my trust for guys out the door my walls were built as high as China and I wasn’t letting him in that easy. 

Ladies let me tell you find a man that patiently pursued you even when your the most stubborn :)  

Kevin wrote me a letter and on the outside it just said open when your ready. I knew if I opened this letter I wanted this to be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. So after over a month of prayer, seeking peace and wisdom, God gave me just that. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this was it so I opened the letter that started it all. The letter that talked about his intentions with dating me, pursuing me, and putting God first in our relationship. Through the course of our dating relationship now into our marriage and as a father he has proven that letter to be true by the way he loves and serves both me and our son.  

After he proposed on February 15, we decided on October 22 for the big day. But then after a few weeks starting to plan we were like who are we kidding! LETS GET MARRIED! With everyone thinking we were crazy or I was pregnant we didn’t really care what everyone thought and moved it on up to JUNE 2nd!  

It was the best decision ever to marry that man earlier than later.  


Find this man. The man who’s goal is to out serve you! Who will patiently but passionately pursue you. I promise I was in your shoes at one point. Either thinking this relationship will get better it has to were “suppose to get married” [jokes on me] or will I ever find the man I’m suppose to marry. I’m here to tell you it is when I gave up hope, when I wanted to move across the country to forget everything and start over that God tapped me on the shoulder and said wait. I will show you. He is out there just trust me and be patient. 

So in this week of love, if you’ve found it, lost it, or looking for it have HOPE. Just when I lost it, and stopped looking I found it. And you will too!