DO's Of Flipping A House

Hey Friend, 

Are you back because you're like great now I know WHAT NOT TO DO, but what the heck are the Do's of flipping a house if we've never even thought about it?


Well good news you found yourself in the right spot! You know how I told you that I am still in love with our little home? Well here's why:

1. RIP UP THAT HIDOUS CARPET: Now granted ours was an awful green shag it was one of the first things we did. More often than not under any old carpet in an older home are these gorgeous hardly even touched ORIGINAL hardwoods. Shocker right? Who would cover original hardwoods with dirty especially green shag carpet. 

2. KNOCK EM DOWN: We only knocked out one wall! But what it did for our kitchen and dinning room was an amazing transformation! It completely opened up the flow of our home making our tiny mill house feel even bigger! Now don't go crazy and start knocking down walls that aren't meant to be knocked down. Keep in mind some of them are actually holding up your home :) But find the walls that can make the biggest transformation and kick it down!

3. FOCUS ON YOUR KITCHEN! - Kitchens are a game changer for any house, especially increasing the value of your home. All the other rooms are a quick fix, slap some white paint on the walls, rip up the carpet and refinish the floors and you're good to go. But the kitchen is where we spend ALOT of our time between cooking, and parties. ( I mean we throw a good party :)) So everyone naturally is drawn to the kithchen where the food it. So make it practical but stylish. Again don’t go crazy on the colors and make decisions that will stay around for awhile. 

We chose black cabinets, all white shiplap, and concrete countertops (because my hubby is a concrete man) The open shelving was a huge WANT for me and it turned out to be much more cost effective than more cabinets, while opening up our kitchen a ton! 

4. BUDGET IS YOUR FRIEND: I talked earlier this week about planning and sticking to your budget but I thought I needed to reinstill this concept. Make a budget and stick to it! Find out different home values are you, and realistically determine what you can resale your home for! Also determine what amount if any you want to profit. Now for all you making this your forever home just don’t go to crazy but for those of you entrepreneur business minds like my husband and myself budgeting will SAVE YOU!  

We spent the majority of our budget on our kitchen, being that it was the one major room Reno. Prioritize your rooms and make it happen :) 


I would LOVE to see your Home Reno’s and what did and didn’t work for you!  

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Just to humor you here are some befores of our home!