What NOT To Do While Flipping A House

Hey There! 

Let me take you back two years ago when Kevin and myself were handed the keys of our small little mill house. On New Years Eve of 2016 still only dating I decided to buy one of my grandparents old rental houses take a leap of faith and flip my first home. 

Little did I know Kevin would be proposing one month later and we would be married 4 months after that. Had I known that we would of been a little crazy to attempt this renovation. But Hey! Look at us know married for a year and a half and a little babe of our own, and GUESS WHAT? I STILL LOVE our little home! 

Today I am going to share with you what NOT to do when flipping a house in hopes that two years down the road you don't want to change the entire house. With trends ever changing it is SO hard not to constantly be ripping out walls, changing paint colors and constantly having project after project but I am going to let you in on some DO's and DONT's this week to make the process a little easier on you and your significant other because if we're honest flipping a house is hard work, and if you're still married at the end well that is a WIN (JK but seriously 😳  )

1. DO NOT ... Put more money in your home than it's worth! - This one is the most important thing you can remember. I'm looking at myself on this one because Kev is CONSTANTLY reminding me that some renovations that I think are MUST HAVES are HAVE NOTS. Because well the purpose of any flip home is either to resale or rent. Unless this is your forever home then... Do whatever the heck ya want sister! 

2. DO NOT... Think you can do it all on your own. - Do not get me wrong my husband is extremely talented and really great at ALOT of things but hey plumbing just isn't his thang. So before you have a house fire because you thing you can re route the electrical or a flood because you can fix that pipe CALL A PROFESSIONAL if you are even a bit concerned with your abilities :) 

3. DO NOT ... Paint every wall a different color. - I know I know you want everything to match and be bright and bold but there is one thing Kev or anyone else really agreed with me on and that was ALL WHITE EVERYTHANG! It was not purely because I am a neutral freak, it is because I can match it with ANYTHING. Now looking back Kevin is constantly reminding me that it was a good idea. (I think its because if we hadn't gone with white everywhere I would CONSTANTLY be asking to change the color.) and for real who likes painting that much? Another HUGE reason why keeping your home one color is for RESALE! 

4. DO NOT... Forget to make a BUDGET - Things can get out of hand FAST! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. My go to for any budget maker is have a NEEDS and WANTS list. Prioritize what you absolutely cannot live without and the things that you just want. 

5. DO NOT - Be to hard on your Hubby. - I know you may think this is silly but it is FOREAL! If you want to save your marriage through this process be a supportive wife! This is a tough project, I mean it is essentially where you might live for awhile so get through it together, encourage him when he's tired, and take a break when you need to. I promise it will get done eventually. :) it may not be your time table but it will get done!

6. DO NOT... Start to many projects at once! - TIme is of the essence or it was for us anyway. But one thing that can lead to a disaster is trying to do everything at once. Imagine having all the paint going while trying to saw something and saw dust gets all over your freshly painted walls. It just doesn't make anything easy so take your time and do one project at a time so you can do it efficiently and do it well! 

So laugh, throw some paint on each other and have fun! Flipping a house, making your house a home is the end all goal so you can choose to either be miserable for a few months or have the best time ever! 

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