Wedding Trends of 2018

Hey Babes, 

I'm throwing some of my favorite wedding trends for 2018 so if you're currently engaged or think you may get that ring by spring you best start scrolling because you do not want to miss these HOT trends! 

So grab your wedding planner, your pinterest board, and your coffee and get your mind going at how you can twist your big day making it an ORIGINAL YOU!




This may only be me but who else can get on board with a bride in a leather jacket?? To all my leather lovers and street style girls like me hop on this trend and rock the leather jacket! I’m not say wear it down the aisle but heck why be freezing when you get make your look your own by pulling out the leather, BE YOU! 



Sleeves for dayssss. The bell sleeve dress is a great way to get the long sleeve look while still giving a boho twist. With the modern boho weddings on the uprise a bell sleeve dress fits the description perfectly while keeping the shape in the body and the party in the sleeves. It is no surprise that sleeves are the must have but make it your own and WORK those bell sleeves girl!  



IT IS ALL THE RAVE. A new unique way to make your ceremony back drop, head table, and reception your own! They’re SO many ways to incorporate hanging florals in your wedding. As we know flowers are EVERYTHING on the big day. They make the ordinary, extraordinary by giving your unique flare! 

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Modern is in my name and boho is my game. I am DYING over this new trend. Let me just say I designed a wedding (my last wedding in the full time wedding biz.) and boho modern it was! As they stood on the cowhide rug exchanging their vows with the HUGE paper flower wall behind them the bride made MY DREAMS come true with the colorful yet mod themed wedding. I hate to break it to my lovers of wood and all things mason jars but incorporate some boho mod pieces with candle sticks and deeper textures and rich florals!



- Say bye bye to Greenery and HELLO Pampas grass. It’s a fun new twist on the all greenery trend. With its rich texture, a neutral color to go with almost any palette, and the ability to do OH SO MANY things with it



  I hate to break it to ya but the barn days are over. It is no question the industrial trend has hit a high and the mill style, exposed brick, lofted ceilings are in. I am a bit partial to this from our wedding almost TWO years ago being at a local mill. But do yourself a favor and find a place with AC! From doing my fair share of weddings, and outdoor weddings being at an all time high. PLEASE have a plan B to your dream outdoor wedding. With a industrial style venue more than likely your space with be plentiful so you don’t have to worry yourself sick if you should spend that extra few thousands and get a tent. 

There ya have it, the hottest wedding trends out there! If it's just "not your style" no worries just do you and find ways to make your day different! 


Featuring my girl Anna Duncan Photography with all of the above 📷. [can we all agree the girl can take a picture!]  

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