Top 2018 Design Trends

New Year - New Trends. 

It happens every year, Pantone puts out their colors of the year and along with colors come textures, patterns and new trends we feel the need to keep up with. You feel like you have to change the complete design of your house because well... it just isn’t “in style” anymore.  

Well today I am going to tell you how you can follow the Trends and not break the bank.



1. " Are house plants the new kids?" The answer is YES. This is one of the easiest ways to trend up your house. Go to your local nursery and find a few house plants. The key is getting HOUSE PLANTS. They are maintainable for even the farthest green thumb out there. Mix up the heights and textures and place in corners bringing your living space alive (Literally and figuratively.) 

2. We're bringing VELVET back. - this trend is a hot topic in the design industry. Mostly because velvet couches are HOT! They come in all shapes and sizes and can turn any boring living space into a cozy yet trendy space. EXCEPT COUCHES ARE $$$. Instead of a couch go to a couple velvet large and small throw pillows to give the same effect. 

3. The sophisticated nursery: The trend for all you mama to be's and even the mom that wants to give the current nursery a little face lift. Just like I mentioned in Van's nursery reveal, it is becoming more for the Mom to gaze at than the baby. So clean up the babe toys with a few cute baskets, and incorporate more adult like objects with pillows and throws. 


4. Can you say METAL? Mixed metals are here to stay. The kitchen is the easiest place to incorporate all things metal. If you already have stainless appliances head on over to Hobby Lobby on a 50% off week and snatch up some gold knobs and change out your cabinet handles. Another easy way to throw in a mixed metal is gold and copper canisters. These are easy and HELLO another storage use! That is a WIN WIN. 

5. BOLD COLOR: OK OK it's growing on me. You know I am a girl of NEUTRAL, but this year pantone decided to bring all things color. If you have gotten to Target recently you know the pinks, purples, and blues are all the rage. Apart of my inner being cringed when pantone released its Ultra Violet color but hey a trend is a trend. My advice to you is take it and go with it or stick to what ya know and stay neutral. I have incorporated a few colorful pieces on my mantle with some art work and candle holders but this might be as far as I decide to take this trend :)