A Letter To The New Stay At Home Mom Who Isn't Use to Staying at Home.

Quick grab that cup of coffee that has been reheated more times than you can count and read from a fellow NEW stay at home mom. 


Dear New SAHM, 

It's different. No one told you it would be this hard. Yeah they all told you it would be worth it and it is but you're just not use to it. Staying at home all day every day because let's face it getting out of the house is a task that takes an army and it's just you and your new little babe. But, It will be worth it.

The thoughts of just going back to work sound like a cop out and you feel bad because you actually have the chance to stay at home and raise your sweet baby when most women would be bitting at the bits to stay at home. But it will be worth it. 

You are running on fumes when it comes to actual sleep and enough caffeine to run a Starbucks and if one more person asks you "How is he sleeping?" you might just scream. Your old life, from what you can remember seemed easy and care free. You could come and go as you pleased, your quick trip to target took 10 minutes and now you have to plan it out and it could take 45 minutes to an hour. Let's be honest there are no more "Quick Trips." not even to the QuikTrip (QT). But it will be worth it.

You feel like “I stay at home I should have the entire house clean and dinner on the table at 6:00” but that is not reality. The dishes pile high, the clothes out of control, and you’re probably wearing pajamas from two nights ago. You feel overwhelmed because society’s norms are these banging instagram account Moms and you can barley put the dishes in the washer. 

Every dirty dish, unclean shirt, and toy laid around the house is your new norm. It looks way different than your 9:00-5:00 scheduled routine life. But would you trade it for anything? I wouldn't.


We can go a whole night of up and downs, putting a paci in and spitting it out only to look at the clock and it is already 6:00am. But then I look down to that sweet smile and i'm done. I will change his wet diaper only to turn back around to a blow out and then... we will snuggle. I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights, the long days, or all the blow outs in the world to watch him grow right before my eyes and I know you wouldn't either. 

The days you think you've lost your mind, your purpose, and your body it will come back, and you will realize  it is worth it. 

Learn to laugh at yourself when you forget a change of clothes in the diaper bag and you have a naked baby for a bit, Grow through the tears on the hard days (YOU WILL CRY) because a new day is coming and it will be better, and for your body. Well just embrace the stretch marks and the extra curves and focus on your little human because they won't be little long. (You will eventually get it back). We are all NEW at this, with new things come challenges but also victories! So rejoice in the victories, and learn in the challenges. I am not saying it is going to get “easier” but I am saying we have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world (in my opionion) and I wouldn’t take a second for granted. 

It is a new adventure and to my new and coming stay at home moms we can't do it alone. The best thing you will do is find some fellow SAHM that you can laugh with, cry with and share all the crazy stories with. 

It’s OK to not have it all together, because if we’re all honest none of us will ever have it “all together” because this circus is our life and we’re living our best life.  

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