New Year Same Me

2017 was a whirlwind.  


If I’m being frank I’m not sure I remember 80% of it because well pregnancy brain was real and it’s all a blur. But I do want to share what I do remember and took away in hopes to ring in 2018 with open arms and a prepared heart for what’s to come.  

January - March I was in the wedding biz hot and heavy. There were 80 hour weeks, weekends on weekends of white dresses, flowers, pictures and all around wedding bliss. [having a baby wasn’t even mentioned.]  “WOW I’m gonna be doing weddings forever”   I am a workaholic if you let me and that’s just what I was doing. Projects on projects being tossed around and I wanted a hand in them all. It was beginning to wear on me. My husband was beginning to noticed how extremely tired I was getting, stress migraines were hitting hard and it was all around a few hectic months.

Oh April. The month we found out we were going to be parents! When things were put in a different perspective, I knew if I wanted to be the mother I knew I could be rest was in order. That is exactly what my husband and I agreed on. 

The end of May I stepped out of the wedding business taking everyone by surprise and came home to prepare myself, our hearts and home to welcome our baby boy. From June until November I knew I wanted to do something more I just didn’t know what it was. But I knew my passion was design and living a practical life. I also knew that I wanted to share with everyone what I was passionate about. Que the beginning of Southern Modern Mom. 

So from 2017 to welcoming 2018 here is what I learned and how I grew hoping that you will grab a small something to help you be a better you this year! 

1. REST: It is not always known but always needed. If you are anything like me you work or play until you can't anymore forcing yourself to slow down when you get sick from pure exhaustion. The later half of this year I wasn't forced to rest but choose to rest. So this year in hopes to not be a new me but the same me just bettering myself I choose to rest more. With my husband, my new babe, my family, and my friends I choose rest. 

2. LET MY MIND DO WHAT IT DOES: Create. It is what I do, it is what I am passionate about. Not everyone is creative but that does not mean that they are not passionate about something. Take what makes your heart happy and do it. Whether it be a bake, paint, spend time with your babes, or workout  (eh who is really passionate about working out?)  JUST DO YOU. 

3. BE INTENTIONAL: When I made the move to come home the word intentional really struck me. It is my word for the new year. Not only living it out but helping you live an intentional life as well. Be on my phone a little less and hold my babe a little more, go out to eat a little less and sit around our table more. I want an intentional life seeking to serve those around me by creating a home that we can be intentional in. 

I hope you join me this year as we go on this journey of 2018 together doing the fun, talking about the hard, and sharing the good and the ugly. I promise you do not want to miss what we have in store for 2018! We are believing it will be the best year yet!

Here is a few photos of what my year looked like :) 

Asset 39SML.png