NURSERY PRACTICALITY - A Nursery that is Trendy yet Practical

Hey Friend,

Where's my lovers of all things practical and cheap? 🙋

You're looking at the girl who wanted the cutest nursery for her babe, but wanted to design on a dime and not break the bank doing it. When we found out we were expecting I instantly went to Pinterest and began tagging anything and everything that struck my fancy but what "struck my fancy" also hit my fancy wallet too. I was not about to drop $$$ on a room that will be ever changing. But what I did know is I wanted a space that was cute yet PRACTICAL. 


Im a straight up kinda gal and the last thing I wanted was to be searching in a pitch black room in the middle of the night for a paci. So I am sharing with you my secrets on the 5 MOST PRACTICAL things in Van's nursery. Again you can thank me later. 

1. THE PACI BOWL : Who woulda thought literally having a designated space for the paci's would make Mommas life so easy? Let me tell you, when your stumbling around at 3:00am with a crying baby while all he needs is a paci. YOU WANT A SPACE TO KEEP THEM. So right beside my rocker I have a table that has the cutest marble bowl from Target, this keeps me sane and baby happy [ WIN WIN ]

2. THE CHANGING TABLE: Momma, you will be spending alot of time standing up at this table so make sure it is easy and efficient. I am taller for a lady so decided to go with a table right at stomach height. This allows the top drawer to be right in front of me. I keep the top drawer loaded with diapers/wipes/diaper cream/ and onsies. Easy accessible to grab the neccessities to change any diaper. 



3. ALL DA BASKETS : Baskets on baskets. They keep the clutter away while letting everything have a place. You can NEVER have to many baskets and bins in a nursery. Every drawer in Van's changing table has baskets allowing all of his tiny little clothes and socks to have a place and not wander into never never land and his little toys can be put up after tummy time and not make my house look like a circus. 

4. A LAMP : The life saver to me breaking my bones every night fumbling around. Whether it is a small lamp or a night light grab yourself a lamp and safe yourself the trouble. Keep it dim so you do not wake your sleeping babe. Because well, that's a whole other topic. 

5. A TRASH CAN : Keep it simple and keep it LARGE. I will be the first to say while the Diaper Genie was great and covered up all the rank smells, I filled it EVERYDAY. Just to let you in on a little something, the LAST thing you want to do in the middle of the night is take a trash bag outfit in the freezing winter months or if your lucky warm night. So do yourself a favor and get a normal (large) size trash can and grab some scented trash bags and filler up. 

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