Photo Shoot In Your Home - WHO KNEW?


I was sitting there ferociously scrolling through pinterest becoming more irritated with the fact no place in Greenville looked like the places I wanted our pictures.


I asked for recommendations on recommendations when finally my talented friend Anna Duncan asked if I was opposed to do an “in home session.” This was exactly a year ago for our Christmas pictures and all I could think of was pictures in our house? Why would we do that. That is until she sent the final pictures over and I quickly become a STRONG advocate for in Home photo sessions. Since our Christmas pictures last year, we also took our maternity pictures in the pure comfort of our home.


Why I believe in Home photo sessions make the best photos :


YOU CAN BE YOU: If we are all being honest with ourselves unless you are a model or just take a lot of selfies, pictures can be extremely awkward. Not to mention when you add in your spouse who feels more awkward than you do with taking pictures you end up with not the most genuine pictures. But when you’re in your home where you find the most comfort you are able to loosen up and create a more natural poses picture.


PERSONALIZED :  Your home is where you do the majority of life. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so why not have something to remember in the place that is you. Don’t worry if your house is not decorated to the nines or as clean as you would want it is you. [if your Photographer loves you they will make sure you are working every angle around the dust and clutter ;)] 

EASY ACCESS: Who doesn’t need a quick touch up mid photo shoot? Or even change outfits? Being in your home makes this a breeze! Take the stress of forgetting your favorite cardigan, or hoping no one is watching you change in your car as you make the outfit change. With an in home photo session your lipstick is in the bathroom and your cardigan is right around the corner in your closet. 

Just to get a glimpse of how amazing in home sessions can be here are a few of me and my amazing husband and one of my favorite most beautiful couples (Although I may be a bit biased) my brother and sis-in-law. 


So give your your favorite photographer a call and get some new pictures for 2018! 

Here are a few of my fav photographers:

Anna Duncan Photography

Taylor Stathes  

Hannah Mckeel Photography  


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