How to have a Southern Style with a Modern a Twist

Is it even possible to mix Southern and Modern?  


Im here to tell you it is by far my FAVORITE combination [hence the blog name] The design elements that each bring to the table create a space that is warm and inviting but moody and clean. Today I am sharing a few simple ways to make your kitchen, living, and dinning room come to life by incorporating THE Southern Modern style.


1. THE DESIGN TRAY: The first and very simple way to incorporate a Southern Modern look in your kitchen is a tray display. The easy, inexpensive yet classic touch brings the southern drawl to a room many deem their most used or favorite while keeping it clean using modern lines. Using just a few elements gathered around your home or maybe you splurge (and by splurge I mean head to your local TJ Maxx) and find these key items to pull together the perfect tray. 


- A Large Vase -- *NOTE TO SELF FRESH FLOWERS ALWAYS* The southern touch that fresh flower brings with a large modern vase brings the two elements together brightening up your kitchen counter. 

- Fresh // Cleaning spray. : I keep mine on my counter always. Not only is it extremely practical being used all the time but also because of the design touch it has. (This is one of my favorites from Anthropologie)

- Pitcher//Glasses : You can always make this a wine display with a bottle of wine and a few glasses if you want a more night/party feel or you can use glasses with a decorative pitcher to bring a warm hostess feel. 




2. TABLESCAPE: I can only say it so many times a tablescape will literally breathe life into your home. For this specific tablescape I selected a place setting that could transform at all seasons. [Winter Tablescape coming soon!] This affordable place setting won't break the bank but can easily be done by everyday china. A few easy steps to stepping up your tablescape affordably: 

- NAPKINS : The most cost effective method. Adding in a napkin with different folds will give your place setting added versatility while changing the design. 

- BOWLS: Head to your nearest target, go to the kitchen section and bask in the great, cheap selection. These bowls and plates were from the Project 62 line paired with plates from the Hearth & Hand line. Find a different pattern or textured bowl or accent plate (one or the other) to bring a little sass to your table. 

** ALL UNDER $100.00 ** 

- GREENERY: Grab some scissors and head to your back yard. Live greenery not only looks like you actually put forth effort but is FREE and last forever! Pick a vase that you have buried in your cabinets, no floral arranging experience needed just place your gathered bouquets in the water and watch the magic happen. 


3. COFFEE TABLE MAGIC: Your coffee table aside from your kitchen table is one of the most gathered around tables. You not only want to make it beautiful but also practical. Leave enough space to prop your feet up when you get home from a long day and somewhere to put your coaster for whatever beverage necessary ;) 

- CANDLES : Bring the warmth and soften the mood by having a large candle ready to light. This is the easiest way to make your house feel like a home with a southern touch. (My favorite candle this Christmas season is from the Hearth and Hand line at target "Balsam & Spice" ) 

- BOOKS: Ones that are not read or ones that are often read for easy access, books bring depth to the space by creating a height difference while not taking away space from your table. (I always use my books for coaster and candle holders) 


- COASTERS: Not only are they extremely practical but also add in a different texture for an added accent. 

Have fun sprucing up your home for the holidays, and let your family see your inner interior designer by using these tips to creating the perfect additions for a Southern Modern flare. 




Asset 39SML.jpg

I can't wait to see your finished product :) 

Make sure your tag @southernmodernmom so I can brag on all of you talented people!