A Baby Changes Everything

Welcome Home Baby Van!


Vandiver Lee Johnston;


You were born on December 12, 2017 weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs. 14 oz. and measuring 19 ¾” in height.

After being sent home two times, an excruciating 19 hours of contractions and 5 living it up on the epidural you were finally placed on my chest. [more of my labor story to come] They say you do not know a love until your child is placed into your arms and let me just say they are not wrong. It is the most overwhelming, incredible feeling in the world.

It was then when it hit me. Here I am 24 feeling like a babe myself giving birth to my very own child. Feeling extremely inadequate but at the same time unstoppable. My own child, a son with a wonder beyond words, and eyes that will melt your heart. Who captures the heart of everyone that holds him and every person that lays eyes on him.

So before we can dive into ways to design your home on a dime, and all the tips and tricks, I want to introduce you to the reason behind the blog. The little man that made me a mom and us a family. Making Southern Modern Mom just what it is, a transparent place where I’ll tell you all the things if you want to listen about life as a mom and designer. The little life that was inside of me for 39 weeks and 6 days now living in my arms every chance I get. Vandiver (Van) Lee Johnston.