The Diary Of A Working Mom

Oh your going back to work? Will you even have enough time to stay at home? How does that even work? Are you taking on to many roles?

‘The questions flooding through not only my head but tons of people around me as I launched the start of a new design company. I have a passion. But is it OK to have several passions? I have a passion for raising my babies but I also thrive off of new design and making something out of nothing. I also have a passion for being a homemaker and being the best wife possible to my husband. 

So why is it only acceptable for moms to either stay at home or work? Today I’m rallying around my fellow boss moms and saying let’s start a new norm. Holding my baby who’s asleep while typing shouldn’t be frowned upon but encouraged. Always second guessing myself for wearing my baby In an appointment shouldn’t run through my head instead be a no brainer because I’m doing what I’m passionate about... in multiple things. 

Ive worked before becoming a mom, ive stayed at home, I haven’t worked and only been a homemaker before having Van while I was pregnant, and now back to being an entrepreneur while having a baby. None are better than the other in fact they all have their pros and cons but what I’ve combed to realize by being a mom is you have to do what’s best for you and your family. If it’s staying at home wonderful, if it’s going back to work and hiring a nanny great but do you! 

You are no less of a mom if you work you’re no more of a mom if you stay at home, just do you and strive what your passionate for.  

Grow Old With Me.

Ladies all I’m saying is I hope you didn’t marry your man just because he was good looking... cause looks fade. Hair disappears, body’s reappear.. in multiple different shapes and that tight tan skin will one day sag in more areas than you wanna know. 

So why the heck do we want to grow old with someone? Because we don’t want to be lonely? Or because this person brings out the best in you? 

Well today I’m hitting you with some things I am most excited about in life and in our marriage and I think they’re gonna shock you. 

1. Making the babies. The act of trying 😉 and going through parenthood with you. From figuring things out like our kiddos dating (which is not gonna happen) to their first cars, proms, and what not. To have a man as funny and as adventurous as you are is going to make every occasion one to be celebrated and I love that about you Kev!

2. Our Adventures. We love adventuring whether it’s the next town over or already getting a passport for our 7 month old because ya never know where life is going to take us this is one that I can’t wait for. From the largest of vacays to the simplest of night taking golf cart rides every day is an adventure and I can’t wait for the days to come! 

3. When the babes move out. 😱 shock the world bet you weren’t expecting this one huh? Well I am ya know why? Because we will have raised however many babies sending them out to start adventures on their own, creating families of their own and I can’t wait to see them grow . But I’m mostly excited that we will have our home back to ourselves and we can walk around without pants on anytime we want 😜. 

But in all seriousness I’m excited about a lot of things. Mostly just getting the joy of doing life with my best friend so today I’m praying you find that best friend to do life with because it really is the best.  



It will all be the same they said. Well they were wrong ,marriage is a constant version of two growing and changing people. So to my single ladies who think it will all get better if you just get the ring... it will only glorify their flaws. But to my ladies (wifey's) who are thinking of giving up it can also glorify their best qualities. We have learned ALOT in the past 2 years especially adding a little one to the mix so i'm hitting you with what we believe our the best things we have learned that have lead to a better marriage!

Just like most things and I will preach it till I die:

MARRIAGE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.  Life is what you make it, motherhood is what you make it, it is a revolving circle. If you pour into it what you expect out of it the benefits are rewarding. If you find yourself defeated and feeling hopeless do not give up. It is challenging but continue to work at it, but always remember its a TWO way street. So if he's working his booty off to make you feel loved and you are just not having it give the man a little break let him in and see what happens. 

MARRIAGE IS A MIRROR: This has been both mine and my husbands biggest take away yet. It was that gold nugget we took away from marriage counseling and has held true in our 2 years. You’re like Ang what the heck do you mean a mirror? I’m like girl if you are angry and you take it out on your husband and you wonder why he doesn't have the best reaction in the world its because marriage is a perfect depiction of a mirror. If your angry and you wonder why he's angry its probably because he's reacting off of your emotions. Same goes for the happy days! If you are happy and you love well but it's a shock when you get it in return its because he is reflecting off of you! Just try it and let me know how it goes for ya :) Cause I promise it will not disappoint. 

COMMUNICATION IS NOT A THING OF THE PAST. It is and in fact one of the most if not the most important part of your marriage. Y'all when we first started dating I had up communication walls the size of China. I was horrible communicator because of past relationships. It was a thing of the past but when I tried communicating I felt degraded and not important. Kev has patiently pursued the good the bad and the ugly and one of those bads were how unbelievably terrible I was at telling him how I felt. From telling him that I was frustrated and communicating why to even telling him I was happy It was like I didn't know how to speak. But he allowed me to open up and it has forever been a game changer and constantly is as I am working everyday to better this part about myself! It's like I can tell you how i'm feeling but can't tell my husband? Na that can't happen!

EVEN WHEN I DONT LIKE HIM I STILL LOVE THE HECK OUT OF HIM. Its marriage the best thing in the world. 

I Thought It Was Going To Be...

The famous first words to what almost always turns into heartache or a disaster. But Marriage is the thing just like any other when you go into it headfirst with expectations higher than the Empire State Building its gonna crash and burn. Funny you thought I was gonna say something happy and giddy to start right? Well I got your attention huh?

GOOD! Because this is a serious hot topic. More likely than not people automatically assume if they just get married things will get better, when they get married if you just... (fill in the blank) it will get better but marriage is a constant challenge of being selfless. Going into marriage we did things a bit different, who woulda guessed it? 

We didn't have the normal wedding in fact we bumped up our wedding day from October to June because who the heck wants to wait that long if you really want to get married! Many thought we were crazy in fact many tried to talk us out of it for the simple fact that we were young, broke, and going TOO fast. But all we knew or saw was each other and that was that. But the people who sought Jesus first and then loved us were ecstatic and ready to party with us! 

So that brings me to the simple fact of what I thought marriage was going to be like. We are both extremely simple, very logical people so we weren't expecting things to be much different than they were and they aren't

1. IT WAS GONNA BE FUN.... AND IT IS. I get to do life with my best friend every single day. We have mega sleep overs every single night. Let me know if it gets much better than that and ill wait. 

2. IT WOULD BE HARD BUT WORTH IT. We knew going into it both loving Jesus, the D word (divorce) reigned no option if it ever (it never would) came down to it. There are lots of reasons marriages do not work and it breaks my heart to see them end because marriage can be SO COOL if done with the right person. So we knew if we disagreed fairly and made up quickly and put each other first we wouldn't loose. 

3. I THOUGHT I KNEW HIM... UNTIL I MOVED IN. Boy is this real. You are seeing this person in his or her best, worst, ugly, and dang he fine moments. Its the last person you see and the first when you wake up. They quickly find out everything you never wanted them to know about you. So do ya self a favor learn to clean up after yourself, and buy a king size bed so you don't show him all the bad stuff ;) 

Ladies this is the start to a 3 part series on marriage and i'm pumped about it because it is a hella alot of fun! 




You Got Rolls? Join The Club

Have you ever sat down with your popcorn and coke ready to dive into a movie only to feel gross about yourself because you can feel that muffin top creepin' over your pants? But you eat it anyway? Yeah me too and pass the raisinets while your'e at it! 

But you know what the second I stand it... well sometimes goes away. But the days it has a mind of its own I tend to creep on other moms who take their "postpartum transformation" pictures and get beyond discouraged. I mean girl you look good but i'm over here like why do I still have so many stretch marks, why is my little stubborn mom pooch still a thing. I'm not use to this. I've always had it easy playing sports every waking moment always being active in everything I can get my hands on and now I do good to do some squats with a 20lb. baby.

But guess what today I'm choosing to START SOMEWHERE. Do I love my body? I'm learning to each day. Is it hard? Harder than I ever imagined. Is it worth it? Absolutely! 

Loving your body gives you the confidence you deserve to go after all of your hopes and dreams and i'm choosing to START TODAY! So while I can self pity and sit around doing nothing I am choosing to start today by drinking only water! (and my 1 cup of coffee because well that's just a given) 

So start with ONE thing today and let's do this thing together and conquer the world OK?