I looked at her, she looked at me with the look I see more often than not. 

They call it MOM SHAME. How crazy we live in a world where we think we are a better  than the next mom. But we’ve all been there, we’ve all gotten the looks when our kid is screaming in target, or on the plane. 

This moment was powerful, and we need more of it in this world. This week we were making our weekly, ok you caught me biweekly run to target just minding our own when I heard this woman frantically knocking on her car window. I continued getting Van out of his car seat trying to figure out what exactly was happening. She glanced over at me in hopes that I didn’t know what was going on. She continued trying to tell her small daughter who didn’t know what was going on to poll on the silver handle.  

Her daughter locked inside the car, along with this mamas keys. She had no way of getting in and felt completely helpless. The look in her eyes was something I’ve experienced. Not long ago when I locked myself out of our house while Van was still inside sitting in his high chair. 

I knew the last thing this mama needed was the ultimate mom shame, eye roll look. So I went over and said hey! I’m sorry I couldn’t help but over hear, I know you’re panicking but everything is going to be ok. You didn’t mean for this to happen, your daughter is safe in her car seat, the fire department is on their way everything is going to be just fine. In fact we’ve all been there. It happens to the best of us!

She immediately relaxed and just said thank you so much, seriously I felt like the worst mom. I said oh no I won’t let you do that! You’re totally fine it’s all going to be ok.  

Why can’t we do this ladies? Why do we feel the constant need to compare ourselves to other mamas. Or think our child is worse or better? 

QUIT THE MADNESS. This poor mama should of never been scared of what I was thinking or going to say. We as mamas need to rally around each other. We’ve all been there, had our bad days, let out that uncalled for yell, stepped out of the room to breathe for a second. We are all mamas just trying to survive and keep our babes alive. So why don’t instead of casting shade and judging the mama next to you encourage them and tell them they’re doing a great job!

Life As We Know It.

I’m currently writing this sitting in a hotel lobby. That is life as we know it right now.  

We are in a season of fast pace, a season of change. From the constant changing facial expressions Van is figuring out and the constant changing hotel rooms. Some would say that is not the life for me but this is what we know and wouldn’t do it any different. 

If you saw my post yesterday you know Van has been my adventure buddy these past two weeks. Long story short my husband is amazingly talented at growing a business and his business grew so fast he opened a second location in ATL! Well nothing we do is slow moving, married in 10 months, baby in 2 years, moved houses that’s just our life. So our initial game plan of opening in December clearly got moved up to NOW!  Hey there’s no time like the present am I right?

 If you know my husband you know how hard he works yes, but also how committed and amazing he is as a husband and father. He knew he was going to be spending several days in ATL making sure it was a smooth transition but has a specific rule of WE DO NOT SLEEP IN DIFFEFENT BEDS. So what does this mean? We pack up the car and go with him!  

So this leaves me and my little dude wondering around ATL shopping, finding difffent coffee shops, and hotel hopping following our hero around and supporting him! 

This is us. We are crazy, people tend to never keep up with where we are or what we’re doing and that’s how we like it. Keepin ya on your toes.  

 But here’s to my office being where ever Van falls asleep, yesterday it was the truck stealing WIFI off of Starbucks because we couldn’t get early check in. But it works. And this is Life as we know it. 

Day in the life of a working mom.

It’s called nap time crunch time. The moment your child falls asleep and you run into the other room or your office space (for me it is my computer on the kitchen table) and get as much done as possible. You don’t know if you have 30 minutes or 3 hours but you know you can get about 3 hours worth of work done in 30 minutes without baby so ready set GO!

But there are all types of working moms, work from home moms, moms that go into work, part time working moms, the list keeps going. I however am a stay at home working mom. I ALWAYS have something up my sleeve and a million dreams with one sometimes two good nap times a day to conquer the world. So how do I do it?

My first and always first priority is being the best mom possible to Van. No matter how many jobs an opportunities come and go he is always this Mamas main gig.

Now not all moms are like that, you may have a nanny or a daycare provider all ways are great ways and you ultimately know your family the best so you do you mama! This is simply how I stay at home with my baby and work also.

There are no late hours and early mornings because well I am NOT a morning person and my husband always gets my attention at night so how do I make it work? Well the benefit to having your own business is flexibility. So if he goes down an hour or two later it is OK.

NAP TIMES will forever be my key to success. But also when I have a second to pee, i’m probably writing a blog post (yes from the toilet). When i’m at a red light i’m probably writing an email (Whoops, don’t do this at home :)) When i’m waiting in line for my coffee i’m planning my Instagram. TIME MANAGEMENT IS KEY. But little man gets my undivided attention when we are playing, or eating dancing or singing.

PRIORITIY IS KEY. That email can wait an hour until the babe goes down. That blog post can go up an hour late. But that time with your baby? You will never get it back. So cherish it mama!

EVERYONES TIME IS DIFFERENT. You do you. I will forever preach this till i’m blue in the face and even then i’ll keep going. It takes all kinds and you are no better or worse of a mom for how you decide to parent and raise your babies. You know what is best for your family and if you have to get a job do it! If you can stay home and work DO IT!

I will forever cherish this time I get with my babies, if I make money wonderful if we have to live on ramen and noodles the rest of his childhood so be it. The time with him makes it all worth it!

Survival of the Teeth Monster

This is real life. I wasn’t prepared for this. In fact I felt like I was prepared for everything but teething. No one mentions it and i’m starting to understand why. Im also starting to realize why babies were created so cute, because if they weren’t and they came out grown and could talkback our population might decrease into extinction.

Teething is not for the faint of heart and this is where I believe stay at home moms have one of the hardest most rewarding jobs in the world. When the teething monster hits, you have what seems to be this doctorly instinct called Google that you are ferociously seeking through wondering what is going on with your child.

“Does he have a virus, is it a growth spurt, did he get enough sleep, is he tired, hungry, did he poop?” and then you always read the worst case senerio and your mind races. But it is just in fact he or she has a tooth that is trying to cut through many layers of gum… ouch.

Remember when you went through the daunting experience of your wisdom teeth coming in? Or maybe you luckily didn’t have to. That ish hurts so now your bitty baby is going through that with multiple teeth. NOW BREATHE.

It is for a very short amount of time although it seems like an eternity. In fact some little babes don’t even skip a beat. But my child he skipped all the beats and went straight into pitiful mode. Which breaks my heart.

So the joys of being a stay at home mom?

  1. You get to know your child. You know if he’s teething vs. a virus. You know when he’s grumpy from being tired vs. cutting teeth.

  2. You get all the sick cuddles. SOAK THEM UP. Coming from experience now that my child is on the move. He finds everything to do but cuddle so anytime he dives his head into my chest I soak it up.

So how do you survive teething?

  1. Where the babe. Just do it. You think you can put enough cooling gel to take away the pain when really all they want to do it be close to you. So strap em on and go on with your day, its gonna be a long one.

  2. Frozen washcloths. This was a game changer. He wants to chew on anything to get it to go away but nothing seems to work. Until he put the frozen washcloth to his gums and he instantly stopped crying. It also kills two birds with one stone and soaks up the gallons of drool that pours out your Childs mouth.

  3. Here are a few tips some of my other mama friends recommended that might help you through! Copaiba essential oil rubbed directly on their gums, frozen milkcicle, mesh feeder with frozen fruit, amber teething neckless, and cosleeping (some do not agree with this but in this case you do whats best for you and your baby!)

I wish you happy teething and hope those teeth come in as strong as ever!

Much love


I Stay At Home And My House Doesn’t Stay Clean

It’s the stereotypical stay at home mom, dinner on the table at 5:30pm sharp the moment dad walks in, laundry is done and put up in the same day, the house is spotless. 

I guess I’m not the stereotype because I’m doing all I can to make sure the laundry goes from washer to dryer so the don’t stay in there to long much less folded and put up all in the same day. 

But I do have a few cleaning hacks that make this mama sane because there’s nothing I love more than a spotless clean house but that’s just not practical 99% of the time.

ROBOT: just take my word it is well worth the money. I wasn’t a believer until I had a baby and could never find time to vacuum. Now I can be doing laundry and dishes all while the entire house is being vacuumed. Because let’s be honest with a crawling baby any tiny thing on the floor goes straight to the mouth so the importance of it staying clean is a priority.  

PRIORITIZE NAPTIME: Nap time rolls around and you are doing meaningless task and get so mad when you feel like you get nothing done. Everyday I either write out or know it my head what exactly has to get done whether it’s 30 minute or 3 hours long. Most of the time it’s:

1. Throw on a load of laundry since it takes no time.  

2. Throw all the toys in the baskets. I always keep 3 baskets in our living room for easy clean up. 

3. Wipe down kitchen counter  

4. If dishes need putting up or loading  

5. Once I do a straighten up of the house and he’s still asleep then work starts! I can never start work until my house is cleaned up.  

Now since every day is different and sometimes it’s important to prioritize a nap for yourself before the house DO IT! There are no rules. If the house is not spotless you are no less of a mama. Some nights are more demanding and some days are too so take it in stride brew the coffee try to drink it before it gets lukewarm and take on the day mama!