So your hubby just asked you on a date and you’re looking a hot mess, with spit up in your hair, still in your pjs and no make up on! That’s how I roll everyday but I’m going to let you in on a few secrets of how to go from day mama to hot mama

I get ready in about 15 minutes and it shocks my husband every time. But if we’re all honest what new mom, or mom with a few kiddos has that kind of time to get ready for a date? 

NIGHT SHOWERS: I finally go through are bed time routine and put little man down, now it’s time for some me time. Aka shower time. I take a shower almost every night because well who really has time to blow dry their hair? Not me! So HELLO AIR DRY. 

DRY SHAMPOO: it’s my best getting ready hack. I take a shower almost every night so my hair air dries but still not looking the cleanest the next night I toss my go to, Coconut miracle oil dry shampoo. 

OUTFIT: I’m mostly one for sneaks, jeans, and a tee so on date nights I wear something that can easily go from day to night. Like these outfits for instance! All I did was throw a pair of shoes in the car and that sexxyyyy sequin jacket 😍. 




it’s as easy as that hot mama, so slap on that red lipstick cause ya looking hot 😘

Love Always, 



All you ladies who go off the registry for showers fess up now! 

No but really, who are you? Cause that ain’t cool. I’m a sucker for a registry, you know why? Because believe it or not that’s what the people actually want. Are you surprised? Because you shouldn’t be... hence why they spent hours researching the best baby gadgets, and newest things and going around target with their scanner guns.  

Registries are simple. So why stray?  

From a now three month experienced mama, the best things I received from my showers were the things I actually wanted 😳. But wanna know my secret to every baby shower?  

A BASKET. Seriously ever baby shower I go to which tends to be a few these days I make a huge basket of essentials. Wanna know why? Because those are the things that everyone doesn’t want to purchase off of the registry because it’s not “cute” but I cannot tell you how many times the basket my mom made for me has come in quite handy in those 2:00am rants. 

When the heck is a new mom going to buy Tylenol for infants? She’s not until she needs it and you know when she needs it? When every store is closed, and she has a screaming baby on her hands. 

So next time that baby shower invite comes in the mail and you’re at a loss for what to get because you don’t know mamas style or you THINK you know the perfect outfit don’t. Just don’t. Unless mama has told you or better yet picked it out herself go with the basket. It will save you and you will be that mamas hero because if you really want to be remember don’t let it be that hideous outfit you expect her to put her child it, let it be because you saved her butt one night coming in clutch with the essentials. 


Diapers (any size mostly 1&2) 



Hand Sanitizer  

Tylenol for infants  





Baby Wash (mamas prefrence)

Baby Lotion  (mamas preference)

Motrin for infants 

Nose Sucker  

Wash Clothes  

Saline Drops  

This should do it 😘 thank me later, 

(I’m only saying it because it’s what everyone’s thinking 🤷🏼‍♀️) 



What TO DO When Planning A Wedding

It the biggest day of your life they say, everything has to be perfect they say. "BUT WHAT THE HECK DO I DO" - I said. 

Believe me I planned weddings for 4 years and have been directing weddings since I was 17! (Yeah I know crazy right?) People trusted me with the "biggest and best" day of their lives. QUE FREAK OUT. But hey it doesn't have to be that difficult. 

When I first started in the wedding industry I was overwhelmed. There were a million vendors who all thought they were the best, Pinterest was just becoming a thing so everyone had to have that Pinterest Perfect wedding and well it just was not all a reality. 

Those Brides who let me "do my thang" were my dream brides but lets just say those Brides didn't come around very often, because this world chalked up weddings to be fairytale dreams. So today I'm here to help you make that fairytale dream without loosing all of your marbles. 

1. FIND VENDORS THAT FIT YOU - I cannot stress this enough. There are multiple different vendors for each thing you need, a hundred venues, several caterers, and well there are only a hand full that can actually pull off this dream wedding. So I encourage you to test the waters, go to several consultations finding the vendors that you believe you will work best with! 

2. DO NOT ALWAYS GO WITH THE CHEAPEST: There are some things you can cheap out on in a wedding and there are things YOU CAN NOT. #1 being florals. Working with my mom as an awesome florist for years and as a wedding designer I saw the weddings that decided to cheap out on florals and it made me cringe. Mainly because this can make a cheap wedding look like a million bucks. #2. Your Photographer. This is what you have to remember for the rest of your days so please do yourself a favor and hire a photographer that actually does your wedding day justice. 

3. SET A BUDGET. This will save your flipping tale. Enough said. Do not try and have a $50,000 wedding if you only have $10,000 to spend. I said this before and I will say it again find your WANTS - NEEDS - HAVE TO HAVES and prioritize your budget accordingly. 

** HINT HINT this is one of the biggest challenges of wedding planning so to help you out a little I may or may not have a budget planner coming your way in the future. Just hit that subscribe button at the bottom and you'll be the first to get it!

Love ya babe, 



“I need you to tell me if I’m crazy or not” - Anna Duncan

The famous first words of all our best work. After watching the newest hit movie The Greatest Showman  Anna was hooked. The love story captured many and we were definitely two of those many. But if I’m being honest I didn’t see the movie until AFTER the styled shoot 🙈.

This is just how Anna and I roll though, we throw out a crazy idea and we just make it happen, but this happened to be one of the craziest I think we have pulled off and by pulled off I mean straight outta thin air. I get the call on Friday afternoon shortly after birthing a baby (no biggie) just sitting their pumping (tryna keep it real here) when I see her name pop up. Immediately I know she’s got something up her sleeve and the starts spilling what I sounds to be the most magical idea and says “Ya think we can make it happen.... by Monday?” My inner mama of a two week old says no, but my crazy adventurous side ALWAYS says yes to a challenge. So challenge accepted.  

We knew if we wanted any chance of a feature we had to pull this off fast so fast we did, the love story unfolded practically before our eyes. So here’s to Oscars week and our Greatest Showman inspired shoot being featured on our favorite wedding blog today, Green Wedding Shoes. 


And if if you were wondering I just saw the movie this week with Anna and I’d say we hit the nail on the head with this one. (Oh and I brought my little babe with me to the movies and he killed it )  


Design- Me :) 

Photography - Anna Duncan

Florals - Culpepper Designs  

Hair + Make Up - Cotton Rouge (Jade Fleenor)

Watch as the magic unfolds 👇🏼 


Mantle Madness

You walk in the house and BAM there it is the empty mantle. 

You feel like the only time it is somewhat decorated or pleasantly put together is during the Holidays, today I am here to help! Your mantle in most cases is one of the focal points of any home so why not make it something to talk about?

I know many of you probably have your TV placed on top because well there was no where else to put it but have no fear even with a TV it can still look good :) 

In some cases less is more, but in my case of our old home MORE was MORE! One of my favorite design techniques is layering! It is SO easy and looks like you got your stuff together in the design world. 



It is a THREE step process that is all! So head on over to your local Hobby Lobby, Target, Marshalls, or TJ Max and grab a few pieces either picture frames your planning to fill, pieces of art, or some quotes. MIX IT UP! Ofcourse this is for you ladies who won the argument to have the TV on the mantle or to not. 


THE ANCHOR: This is your one focal point in the center, in my case I used a 24'x36' picture of Kev and myself. (This was before little man arrived so the picture may be a bit different these days :)) This can also be huge piece of art or your favorite quote however the 24'x36' size seems to be almost perfect! 


THE WEIGHT: On the corners of your mantle use something dense in texture "heavy appearance" Like candle holders, a vase with dried greenery, or lantern. This gives the weighed out appearance making it not look heavier on one side more than the other. 


FILLER: This is one of my favorite because well, it is all the miscellaneous decor items I have strung around my house and they look bomb all combined :) It doesn't matter if they do not match, it is suppose to be a hodge podge of things!

Here is my mantle for a little creative guidance and also the mock of the one-two-three step process!

Happy Decorating Ladies! 

Tag @southernmodernmom in your finished product so I can see the goodness you create!

Love Always, 



Learning To Love My Postpartum Body

You just birthed a tiny human, give yourself a little slack. 



This goes for all you ladies out there. There are many topics that I do not get embarrassed talking about but this is one that makes me squirm. When I first thought about sharing this I started looking through some other mama Instagrams and there it started. THE COMPARISON GAME. Let's just say I wasn't winning. 

They had no stretch marks, some how their stomachs went back to a freaking 12 pack and they walked out of the hospital looking like they were the next Miss America. That is great and all, more power to them but not this mama. All I could see was me trapped in someone else body. But what I knew was this body miraculously just birthed a little babe. It went through 9 months of something growing inside of me, THAT IS INSANE. 


But that was NOT my first thoughts coming out of the hospital. I thought yeah I'm pretty athletic I'll bounce right back... WRONG. I beat up on myself so much that I was asking and googling every source attempting to workout earlier than my 6 week rest time just because my stomach was still a little flabby. 

What I wish I knew then what I know now. 

All these stretch marks that are slowly disappering, and rolls (well they might take a little longer to disapear) everyone of those remind me of the 9 months I carried this sweet boy, all of his kicks, hiccups, and rolls. My girl @Dashing_Darlin wore a tee the other day that said "Start Somewhere" It seriously hit so close to home. I'll get on a health kick and eat all the right things and go a week straight of working out only for the next week to roll around and be lucky if I get there once. But HEY WE GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. 

So ALL of my ladies from the skinniest of minis to the thigh kissin beauty queens (🙋) we all need encouragement. We live in a day where comparing ourselves is second nature, but I'm here to tell you every size, shape, and color is different and we are OUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL. Embrace your beauty, own your body, and BE YOU. My challenge to  you is to spread a little love today and tell a fellow lady they are BEAUTIFUL because who doesn't love a good compliment every once in a while. 😘

Love Always, 


Planning on a dime - (How to have a budget friendly wedding)

Hey There Girl, 

Some of us have been there done that others are wondering how the heck to get there. Weddings scream money pits to a lot of people especially those of you who are paying for it yourself or your mom and dads are having mini heart attacks pretending everything is great on the outside :) 

Because we know they want their baby girl to get the wedding of their dreams but you feel guilty for running them almost bankrupt. So today I am going to help you ladies and even you dads out on the money end. 


As a wedding planner but also a wedding designer my biggest struggle was wanting every wedding to be the most extraordinary but also making sure every one of my brides was under budget. It is not so easy when the average wedding is now almost $30,000. That is a flipping car people! 

1. HIRE A PLANNER! I know you're all thinking how the heck is this going to save me money is this not adding to the cost? Let me tell you as a former planner that is my biggest goal to SAVE YOU MONEY! They know the right vendors to keep you within your budget, they put a budget together to make sure you are spending where you need to spend and saving where you need to save. They will also save you years on your life by not stressing over the small things (thats saving yourself!) 

2. SET A BUDGET + STICK TO IT.  Be reasonable people. There isn't much more to say about this. (I'll let you in on a little secret, I am making a wedding budget break down just for you ladies coming soon :) 

3. WANT - NEED - HAVE TO HAVE : Sit down and figure it out. What is your absolute have to have or the wedding can't go on (exaggerating a bit) Mine was my dress. I knew it was a bit much to spend on some fabric but HELLO it was the dress of my dreams and I was willing to save in other areas to spend money on the show stopper. PRIORITIZE! If you do not have to have filet and you can compromise with chicken you are saving yourself TONS! 


4. SWEET TOOTH. - I know wedding cakes can be extraordinary but how many actually taste good? We went with a dessert table and saved $$$. Instead on the 20 million tear diamond studded $1,000 cake I went with about 4 - $40 cakes and hello my guest were thrilled because it was Brick Street! (Cannot go wrong!) Or better yet does grandma bake your favorite cheesecake or aunt Barb make the worlds best cookies rally the friends and fam together and make a full dessert table FO FREE! 

5. NOT OPPOSED TO OFF SEASON? - This one isa little tricky because almost all seasons are wedding seasons now, but all the venue can say is no. Ask if their is a discounted price for off seasons or Friday and Sunday weddings. A lot of times this is true and if you are flexible this will work in your favor! 

Now be on the look out because I might have a few more wedding tips and tricks coming in the form of a book soon :) 

Love Always, 



FEBRUARY 15th 2016


I walked into a room with rose pedals and candles leading up to my handsome at the time boyfriend, playing Ben Rector "Forever Like That" in the background 

Now two years later we are married with a 9 week old! Good grief were has time gone? 

I cant believe it has been two years since the day Kev proposed and lets be honest all those people who say don’t blink especially when you have a child... they’re 100% correct. So I’m trying to keep my eyes wide open not missing a thing!  

But today I want to reminisce a little on my hubby and I story on the week of Valentines Day. 

Believe it or not, I will admit I slid into his DM’s the last weekend of August. Just asking how he’s been since FIRST GRADE! (Yes we went to the same elementary school together and were in the same first and third grade class together!) Also thinking hey this dude seems pretty grade and he’s not so bad looking either 😉 Much to my surprise a pint comes to my phone and he has responded with a message much like a book, asking to casually grab lunch. Well meeting for lunch quickly turned into picking me up for a date. Busy schedules got the best of us and after waiting TWO WEEKS we finally went on a date. But in those two weeks we didn’t stop talking and I felt like I already knew this guy and felt like he really knew me.

It definitely showed on our first date when the conversation felt easy. After I whooped his butt in go carts and we talked for hours I knew this was going to be something. After several dates I knew this guy was the one and the feeling was mutual. But after just getting out of a serious relationship, having my heart broken and my trust for guys out the door my walls were built as high as China and I wasn’t letting him in that easy. 

Ladies let me tell you find a man that patiently pursued you even when your the most stubborn :)  

Kevin wrote me a letter and on the outside it just said open when your ready. I knew if I opened this letter I wanted this to be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. So after over a month of prayer, seeking peace and wisdom, God gave me just that. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this was it so I opened the letter that started it all. The letter that talked about his intentions with dating me, pursuing me, and putting God first in our relationship. Through the course of our dating relationship now into our marriage and as a father he has proven that letter to be true by the way he loves and serves both me and our son.  

After he proposed on February 15, we decided on October 22 for the big day. But then after a few weeks starting to plan we were like who are we kidding! LETS GET MARRIED! With everyone thinking we were crazy or I was pregnant we didn’t really care what everyone thought and moved it on up to JUNE 2nd!  

It was the best decision ever to marry that man earlier than later.  


Find this man. The man who’s goal is to out serve you! Who will patiently but passionately pursue you. I promise I was in your shoes at one point. Either thinking this relationship will get better it has to were “suppose to get married” [jokes on me] or will I ever find the man I’m suppose to marry. I’m here to tell you it is when I gave up hope, when I wanted to move across the country to forget everything and start over that God tapped me on the shoulder and said wait. I will show you. He is out there just trust me and be patient. 

So in this week of love, if you’ve found it, lost it, or looking for it have HOPE. Just when I lost it, and stopped looking I found it. And you will too! 




Cheap and Easy Date Night Ideas


Its the week of Valentines Day and we’re all like great I want this nice fancy date night out with my man but you just don’t have the time or money?  

I have a few ideas up my sleeve that will make your Valentine’s Day fun and isn’t gonna leave your man trying to take out a small loan on that nice restaurant.


First things first: DATE NIGHT IN. - Now if y’all have been following me for anytime now it is no secret we are lovers of Hello Fresh. For the man who can’t cook this is the PERFECT way to impress his lady, it is simple instructions and you don’t even have to go to the store! This is also the perfect way to spend time together by cooking a delicious dinner. 

I’m even going to help you out a little and make it even CHEAPER use my code ANGIE84 and you get $40.00 OFF it doesn’t get much better than that 😉

GRAB A BASKET AND GO- Head on over to your local Trader Joe’s (in my opinion the best) or local mart like Greenville’s amazing Swamp Rabbit Grocery and fill that basket up! Grab a few easy not so messy delicious food items a bottle of wine (or sparkling for you young kiddos) and a blanket and head to the closest lake or beach and catch the sunset. Kevin did this on our one year anniversary and it was the sweetest time, out on the lake looking over the mountains just us. 

 COOKING CLASS  - it’s a win win, you are paying for quality time together PLUS dinner for two :) Many places have Valentine’s Day offers so start googling and book tht class!


There ya have it!  

I hope your Valentines Day is fun and if your anything like me laid back and chill :) 

If this may be your first date or maybe you’ve been married for years and the conversations just isn’t there anymore I’m sending out a freebie to all those inboxes out there so head on over to the home page and hit subscribe for Wednesday’s Conversation Starters 😘



What To Get Your Special Lady On Valentine's Day



Or maybe even my lady friends who want to get their best gals a GALANTINE something look no further and do all your shopping in one place! 

I have put together the perfect gift guide for every lady of the world. From your casual everyday girl who loves her sneakers or the lady who loves to get dolled up this is the Valentines gift guide to cover them all! 

I know you're all like well I thought flowers were a Valentines staple. THEY ARE! That is why I have a SPECIAL OFFER just for you! 

I am collaborating with my FAVORITE florist Culpepper Designs to give you just what you need! For all you men out there they are giving away a special offer with a purchase of bouquets from 13Stripes a local brewery in Taylors I MEAN NO BRAINER! So grab em while they last. 

Call - (864) 520-2597 and give them my Valentines day code and you get 25% OFF! 



Asset 39SML.png

What To Get A Your Man On Valentine's Day

valentines gift guide for him.jpg


I know the feeling, DANGIT Valentines Day is literally days away and you have absolutely no clue what to get that man of yours. He deserves the world but does he even celebrate Valentines Day? I got you covered! 

I have put together what I think is a great combo for the man that goes hard on Valentines Day and well you don't want him to completely out do you, or for the man who doesn't celebrate but if you gave it to him he would be excited! 

So swipe on through and take your pick  you can't go wrong with any :) 

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DO's Of Flipping A House

Hey Friend, 

Are you back because you're like great now I know WHAT NOT TO DO, but what the heck are the Do's of flipping a house if we've never even thought about it?


Well good news you found yourself in the right spot! You know how I told you that I am still in love with our little home? Well here's why:

1. RIP UP THAT HIDOUS CARPET: Now granted ours was an awful green shag it was one of the first things we did. More often than not under any old carpet in an older home are these gorgeous hardly even touched ORIGINAL hardwoods. Shocker right? Who would cover original hardwoods with dirty especially green shag carpet. 

2. KNOCK EM DOWN: We only knocked out one wall! But what it did for our kitchen and dinning room was an amazing transformation! It completely opened up the flow of our home making our tiny mill house feel even bigger! Now don't go crazy and start knocking down walls that aren't meant to be knocked down. Keep in mind some of them are actually holding up your home :) But find the walls that can make the biggest transformation and kick it down!

3. FOCUS ON YOUR KITCHEN! - Kitchens are a game changer for any house, especially increasing the value of your home. All the other rooms are a quick fix, slap some white paint on the walls, rip up the carpet and refinish the floors and you're good to go. But the kitchen is where we spend ALOT of our time between cooking, and parties. ( I mean we throw a good party :)) So everyone naturally is drawn to the kithchen where the food it. So make it practical but stylish. Again don’t go crazy on the colors and make decisions that will stay around for awhile. 

We chose black cabinets, all white shiplap, and concrete countertops (because my hubby is a concrete man) The open shelving was a huge WANT for me and it turned out to be much more cost effective than more cabinets, while opening up our kitchen a ton! 

4. BUDGET IS YOUR FRIEND: I talked earlier this week about planning and sticking to your budget but I thought I needed to reinstill this concept. Make a budget and stick to it! Find out different home values are you, and realistically determine what you can resale your home for! Also determine what amount if any you want to profit. Now for all you making this your forever home just don’t go to crazy but for those of you entrepreneur business minds like my husband and myself budgeting will SAVE YOU!  

We spent the majority of our budget on our kitchen, being that it was the one major room Reno. Prioritize your rooms and make it happen :) 


I would LOVE to see your Home Reno’s and what did and didn’t work for you!  

Tag @southernmodernmom so I can see 😘  

Just to humor you here are some befores of our home!



What NOT To Do While Flipping A House

Hey There! 

Let me take you back two years ago when Kevin and myself were handed the keys of our small little mill house. On New Years Eve of 2016 still only dating I decided to buy one of my grandparents old rental houses take a leap of faith and flip my first home. 

Little did I know Kevin would be proposing one month later and we would be married 4 months after that. Had I known that we would of been a little crazy to attempt this renovation. But Hey! Look at us know married for a year and a half and a little babe of our own, and GUESS WHAT? I STILL LOVE our little home! 

Today I am going to share with you what NOT to do when flipping a house in hopes that two years down the road you don't want to change the entire house. With trends ever changing it is SO hard not to constantly be ripping out walls, changing paint colors and constantly having project after project but I am going to let you in on some DO's and DONT's this week to make the process a little easier on you and your significant other because if we're honest flipping a house is hard work, and if you're still married at the end well that is a WIN (JK but seriously 😳  )

1. DO NOT ... Put more money in your home than it's worth! - This one is the most important thing you can remember. I'm looking at myself on this one because Kev is CONSTANTLY reminding me that some renovations that I think are MUST HAVES are HAVE NOTS. Because well the purpose of any flip home is either to resale or rent. Unless this is your forever home then... Do whatever the heck ya want sister! 

2. DO NOT... Think you can do it all on your own. - Do not get me wrong my husband is extremely talented and really great at ALOT of things but hey plumbing just isn't his thang. So before you have a house fire because you thing you can re route the electrical or a flood because you can fix that pipe CALL A PROFESSIONAL if you are even a bit concerned with your abilities :) 

3. DO NOT ... Paint every wall a different color. - I know I know you want everything to match and be bright and bold but there is one thing Kev or anyone else really agreed with me on and that was ALL WHITE EVERYTHANG! It was not purely because I am a neutral freak, it is because I can match it with ANYTHING. Now looking back Kevin is constantly reminding me that it was a good idea. (I think its because if we hadn't gone with white everywhere I would CONSTANTLY be asking to change the color.) and for real who likes painting that much? Another HUGE reason why keeping your home one color is for RESALE! 

4. DO NOT... Forget to make a BUDGET - Things can get out of hand FAST! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. My go to for any budget maker is have a NEEDS and WANTS list. Prioritize what you absolutely cannot live without and the things that you just want. 

5. DO NOT - Be to hard on your Hubby. - I know you may think this is silly but it is FOREAL! If you want to save your marriage through this process be a supportive wife! This is a tough project, I mean it is essentially where you might live for awhile so get through it together, encourage him when he's tired, and take a break when you need to. I promise it will get done eventually. :) it may not be your time table but it will get done!

6. DO NOT... Start to many projects at once! - TIme is of the essence or it was for us anyway. But one thing that can lead to a disaster is trying to do everything at once. Imagine having all the paint going while trying to saw something and saw dust gets all over your freshly painted walls. It just doesn't make anything easy so take your time and do one project at a time so you can do it efficiently and do it well! 

So laugh, throw some paint on each other and have fun! Flipping a house, making your house a home is the end all goal so you can choose to either be miserable for a few months or have the best time ever! 

Asset 39SML.png

Wedding Trends of 2018

Hey Babes, 

I'm throwing some of my favorite wedding trends for 2018 so if you're currently engaged or think you may get that ring by spring you best start scrolling because you do not want to miss these HOT trends! 

So grab your wedding planner, your pinterest board, and your coffee and get your mind going at how you can twist your big day making it an ORIGINAL YOU!




This may only be me but who else can get on board with a bride in a leather jacket?? To all my leather lovers and street style girls like me hop on this trend and rock the leather jacket! I’m not say wear it down the aisle but heck why be freezing when you get make your look your own by pulling out the leather, BE YOU! 



Sleeves for dayssss. The bell sleeve dress is a great way to get the long sleeve look while still giving a boho twist. With the modern boho weddings on the uprise a bell sleeve dress fits the description perfectly while keeping the shape in the body and the party in the sleeves. It is no surprise that sleeves are the must have but make it your own and WORK those bell sleeves girl!  



IT IS ALL THE RAVE. A new unique way to make your ceremony back drop, head table, and reception your own! They’re SO many ways to incorporate hanging florals in your wedding. As we know flowers are EVERYTHING on the big day. They make the ordinary, extraordinary by giving your unique flare! 

[Shamless plug to go check out my FAV florist in Greenville, SC Culpepper Designs!]  



Modern is in my name and boho is my game. I am DYING over this new trend. Let me just say I designed a wedding (my last wedding in the full time wedding biz.) and boho modern it was! As they stood on the cowhide rug exchanging their vows with the HUGE paper flower wall behind them the bride made MY DREAMS come true with the colorful yet mod themed wedding. I hate to break it to my lovers of wood and all things mason jars but incorporate some boho mod pieces with candle sticks and deeper textures and rich florals!



- Say bye bye to Greenery and HELLO Pampas grass. It’s a fun new twist on the all greenery trend. With its rich texture, a neutral color to go with almost any palette, and the ability to do OH SO MANY things with it



  I hate to break it to ya but the barn days are over. It is no question the industrial trend has hit a high and the mill style, exposed brick, lofted ceilings are in. I am a bit partial to this from our wedding almost TWO years ago being at a local mill. But do yourself a favor and find a place with AC! From doing my fair share of weddings, and outdoor weddings being at an all time high. PLEASE have a plan B to your dream outdoor wedding. With a industrial style venue more than likely your space with be plentiful so you don’t have to worry yourself sick if you should spend that extra few thousands and get a tent. 

There ya have it, the hottest wedding trends out there! If it's just "not your style" no worries just do you and find ways to make your day different! 


Featuring my girl Anna Duncan Photography with all of the above 📷. [can we all agree the girl can take a picture!]  

Asset 39SML.png








NURSERY PRACTICALITY - A Nursery that is Trendy yet Practical

Hey Friend,

Where's my lovers of all things practical and cheap? 🙋

You're looking at the girl who wanted the cutest nursery for her babe, but wanted to design on a dime and not break the bank doing it. When we found out we were expecting I instantly went to Pinterest and began tagging anything and everything that struck my fancy but what "struck my fancy" also hit my fancy wallet too. I was not about to drop $$$ on a room that will be ever changing. But what I did know is I wanted a space that was cute yet PRACTICAL. 


Im a straight up kinda gal and the last thing I wanted was to be searching in a pitch black room in the middle of the night for a paci. So I am sharing with you my secrets on the 5 MOST PRACTICAL things in Van's nursery. Again you can thank me later. 

1. THE PACI BOWL : Who woulda thought literally having a designated space for the paci's would make Mommas life so easy? Let me tell you, when your stumbling around at 3:00am with a crying baby while all he needs is a paci. YOU WANT A SPACE TO KEEP THEM. So right beside my rocker I have a table that has the cutest marble bowl from Target, this keeps me sane and baby happy [ WIN WIN ]

2. THE CHANGING TABLE: Momma, you will be spending alot of time standing up at this table so make sure it is easy and efficient. I am taller for a lady so decided to go with a table right at stomach height. This allows the top drawer to be right in front of me. I keep the top drawer loaded with diapers/wipes/diaper cream/ and onsies. Easy accessible to grab the neccessities to change any diaper. 



3. ALL DA BASKETS : Baskets on baskets. They keep the clutter away while letting everything have a place. You can NEVER have to many baskets and bins in a nursery. Every drawer in Van's changing table has baskets allowing all of his tiny little clothes and socks to have a place and not wander into never never land and his little toys can be put up after tummy time and not make my house look like a circus. 

4. A LAMP : The life saver to me breaking my bones every night fumbling around. Whether it is a small lamp or a night light grab yourself a lamp and safe yourself the trouble. Keep it dim so you do not wake your sleeping babe. Because well, that's a whole other topic. 

5. A TRASH CAN : Keep it simple and keep it LARGE. I will be the first to say while the Diaper Genie was great and covered up all the rank smells, I filled it EVERYDAY. Just to let you in on a little something, the LAST thing you want to do in the middle of the night is take a trash bag outfit in the freezing winter months or if your lucky warm night. So do yourself a favor and get a normal (large) size trash can and grab some scented trash bags and filler up. 

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A Letter To The New Stay At Home Mom Who Isn't Use to Staying at Home.

Quick grab that cup of coffee that has been reheated more times than you can count and read from a fellow NEW stay at home mom. 


Dear New SAHM, 

It's different. No one told you it would be this hard. Yeah they all told you it would be worth it and it is but you're just not use to it. Staying at home all day every day because let's face it getting out of the house is a task that takes an army and it's just you and your new little babe. But, It will be worth it.

The thoughts of just going back to work sound like a cop out and you feel bad because you actually have the chance to stay at home and raise your sweet baby when most women would be bitting at the bits to stay at home. But it will be worth it. 

You are running on fumes when it comes to actual sleep and enough caffeine to run a Starbucks and if one more person asks you "How is he sleeping?" you might just scream. Your old life, from what you can remember seemed easy and care free. You could come and go as you pleased, your quick trip to target took 10 minutes and now you have to plan it out and it could take 45 minutes to an hour. Let's be honest there are no more "Quick Trips." not even to the QuikTrip (QT). But it will be worth it.

You feel like “I stay at home I should have the entire house clean and dinner on the table at 6:00” but that is not reality. The dishes pile high, the clothes out of control, and you’re probably wearing pajamas from two nights ago. You feel overwhelmed because society’s norms are these banging instagram account Moms and you can barley put the dishes in the washer. 

Every dirty dish, unclean shirt, and toy laid around the house is your new norm. It looks way different than your 9:00-5:00 scheduled routine life. But would you trade it for anything? I wouldn't.


We can go a whole night of up and downs, putting a paci in and spitting it out only to look at the clock and it is already 6:00am. But then I look down to that sweet smile and i'm done. I will change his wet diaper only to turn back around to a blow out and then... we will snuggle. I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights, the long days, or all the blow outs in the world to watch him grow right before my eyes and I know you wouldn't either. 

The days you think you've lost your mind, your purpose, and your body it will come back, and you will realize  it is worth it. 

Learn to laugh at yourself when you forget a change of clothes in the diaper bag and you have a naked baby for a bit, Grow through the tears on the hard days (YOU WILL CRY) because a new day is coming and it will be better, and for your body. Well just embrace the stretch marks and the extra curves and focus on your little human because they won't be little long. (You will eventually get it back). We are all NEW at this, with new things come challenges but also victories! So rejoice in the victories, and learn in the challenges. I am not saying it is going to get “easier” but I am saying we have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world (in my opionion) and I wouldn’t take a second for granted. 

It is a new adventure and to my new and coming stay at home moms we can't do it alone. The best thing you will do is find some fellow SAHM that you can laugh with, cry with and share all the crazy stories with. 

It’s OK to not have it all together, because if we’re all honest none of us will ever have it “all together” because this circus is our life and we’re living our best life.  

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What's In My Hospital Bag?


SIKE. That's what I did and didn't use half of it. So today I am going share everything I brought and what I actually needed :) 

I am a woman of LISTS so below are my three lists that I made, for baby, for mom, and for dad. 


Angie Johnston - Southern Modern Mom-69.jpg
  • Diaper Bag
  • Car Seat
  • Going home outfit
  • Socks
  • MITTENS (I forgot these and he came out with nails longer than mine.)
  • Hat (It was december and it was COLD when we went home.)
  • Blanket/Swaddle 
  • PACI'S - The hospitals are not huge advocates but if you think you might use one BRING IT. 
  • (3) sets of onsies ( I prefer zip ups others prefer snaps.) New born size / Maybe 1-2 zero-three months just in case your babe comes out bigger than expected. 
  • Boppy - Everyone will be holding your new babe this is the easiest way to make sure they do it safely :) 
  • Burp Clothes


  • Drivers License
  • Insurance Card
  • PJS - Easy breastfeed accessible. (2 sets) 
  • Robe - I purchases a cute robe because ALL the pictures will be taken in it. 
  • Socks 
  • Slippers 
  • underwear- NOT SEXY. take your hubby to your local Walmart or target and find the biggest ones you can find ;) 
  • Makeup - If my face is done I feel better, so just for good spirits
  • Going home clothes. Easy to put on and comfortable. You have no one to impress you just birthed a baby be practical. 
  • (3) Nursing Bras. My favorite are the target sports/nursing bras.
  • Facewash 
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste 
  • Lip Balm - after heavy breathing for a while your lips will thank me. 
  • Water bottle
  • Hair dryer ( YOU WILL NOT NEED THIS)
  • Straightener (ALSO NOT A NECESSITY)
  • Hair Tie 
  • Deodorant. 
  • Nipple Cream
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (I felt like a new woman after I showered the next day)


  • Change of clothes
  • PJS - something comfy 
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant


  • Snacks. (I wish we would have brought snacks for late nights / you are starving after breastfeeding.)
  • Phone / Charger
  • Camera - Take all the pictures! Even if you think you took enough take one more.
  • Diffuser. (For all my oil moms out there, I didn't have time to use this and I wish I would of!)



The hospital really has everything you need as a new mom. But there are a few things that you'll be happy you brought from your own home.

  • My Pillow. We brought one for Kev but didn't bring mine, because I thought the hospital pillows would be enough. (WRONG)
  • The cute outfit to go home in. Be comfy. You just birthed a human.
  • That cute hospital gown you bought. Yeah I did. I bought one and literally laughed at myself at the thought of putting it on while in labor. 


Honestly there wasn't anything I absolutely had to have that I didn't bring. I prepared about a week before our due date, however that stressed many people out. Kevin (My Husband) told me over and over I do not want to be packing a bag when you're in labor. HE WAS RIGHT. If I would of known what I know now, one week was probably pushing it. The LAST thing that would of been on my mind mid contraction was " Hey, don't forget the toothbrush." Because hygiene is the LAST thing on the brain. So do me a favor, pack the bag, be prepared and you'll thank me later. 

Happy packing ladies! 

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Top 2018 Design Trends

New Year - New Trends. 

It happens every year, Pantone puts out their colors of the year and along with colors come textures, patterns and new trends we feel the need to keep up with. You feel like you have to change the complete design of your house because well... it just isn’t “in style” anymore.  

Well today I am going to tell you how you can follow the Trends and not break the bank.

My Labor Story - No Expectation Mentality

This was the beginning of the next 24 hours before welcoming our sweet baby boy one month ago. Leading up to the actual delivery portion of pregnancy I had a different mentality than most. From the very get go I was bombarded with questions about a birth plan, my delivery process, and breastfeeding.