Alright ladies, some of this you’re not going to want to hear. But I hate to break it to ya if you want some help you gotta help him out too. Parenting is just like marriage it’s a two way street. If you do not help him how do you expect to get help in return? 

Today I’m letting you in on three things you can do to help your hubby or significant other out. Through pregnancy, birth and parenting it is a complete flip your life upside down kind of change so here’s 3 simple ways to help a dude out. 

1. Be honest. I mean for real what do you think he is a mind reader? Guilty as charged 🙋🏼‍♀️ 6 tines out of 10 I bottle it up and end up getting frustrated because he didn’t do this or didn’t do that. But you noticed it’s not 9/10 I’m really working on it 😉. But seriously pregnancy and parenting are confusing so help your man out and tell him when you need something. More often than not he will do it no hesitation but if you’re thinking it and wondering why he’s not doing it then you’re gonna get no where but a fight.

2. Let him do it on his own time. Now I might catch some grief on this one but you know the saying, women become moms when they find out their pregnant men become dads when you place the baby in their arms. It’s true. He doesn’t feel tge kicks and jabs, hiccups and what nots so do not force him into loving your child. It will come naturally but let him do it in his own time. 

3.  Encourage bro time. Whoah shock the dang world 😱 why would you ever say such a thing? Well the thing about it is your social life just got the poop shocked out of it and news flash so did his. Now granted this is a two way street and it’s no bueno if he abuses this but in all honesty give him a minute every now and then. Most hubbys are coming straight from a crazy work day after staying up all night into a mad house cry fest. Let him go play 9 on a Saturday or catch a cigar with his friends you will live in a few hours and more likely than not he will return the time off. He’s your baby daddy so he can keep the babe while you go have a spa day. But remember it’s a TWO way street! 

There ya have it ladies now share with your dude and whip this prarenting thing in the bootay!!  

What they do not tell you about postpartum life.

There’s tears they say.

Theres blood they say. 

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a lot of the rumors are true. I wish they weren’t but postpartum life is not all it’s hyped up to be, or is it really even hyped? You have this new precious baby then bam the granny panties are out and you have some what of a diaper on, and those diapercicles yeah they are life. Here are the things I had the furthest from my expectation of what postpartum glory is all about.  

1. “diapercicles” will become your best friend. Yes, you heard it hear first the ultimate postpartum hack and the greatest gift to a woman who just birthed a tiny human is a frozen diaper. And yes you literally put it in your granny panties.

2. Emotional Wreck. Y’all I was not an emotional person. I didn’t even cry during our engagement or wedding for heavens sake, or even birthing Van! But afterwards... the second we got home. I cried for no reason. Not dramatically but would tear up over nothing. So yeah you aren’t just being ridiculous for some reason the waterworks are in extra gear and it just happens so go with it.

3.  A shower will make you feel like you can conquer the world.  One thing I didn’t EVERYDAY was take a shower. It didn’t even matter if I stepped foot out of the house. What they do not tell you is how dirty you feel by what feels like an ocean of blood flowing out of you. So do yourself a favor call up a family member or friend and have them watch or hold baby for 20 minutes and hop in a steamy hot shower. You will feel glorious!

Postpartum is a lifestyle. It’s not just a few days. Having a baby is amazing and crazy all at the same time. So just take each day in stride because something new will make you cry and you will think you can do more than you can. But hey you got this mama. 


The Sleep Training Saga

Here we are Day 4. 

Yesterday there was a plea for help. I had finally hit my breaking point, my dude was being royally combative of sleep and there was no denying it.  

I had read the books tried the things but everyone kept saying “just be consistent” typically babies need 3 nights to adjust. Night 2 I almost threw in the towel.  

It was rough to say the least.

NIGHT 1: we did the same ole night routine. Bath - bottle - bed .  However the “bottle - bed” part was well... a nightmare. For some reason he went from going straight to bed being a freaking baby champ at sleeping to nada, all I need is mom not my bed 🙄 finally after laying his down when he finished his bottle is was the beginning. We went in planning “ 20 minutes” after the 20 were up we would go in “shhh” him calm him down and walk out. Yeah there was no soothe. It was just scream for a solid 2 hours. Then it happened he went to sleep.... only to wake up 2 hours later. This saga went on every two hours so this mama got every bit of 2 hours of sleep. 

NIGHT 2: we made some progress. Did the same ole, he went straight to sleep 🙌🏼 Woke up 3 hours later and was hungry. We gave him a bottle and out we went. Until 2:30 this was the turning point. He self soothed himself back to sleep!!!! Then up again at 5:30. Couldn’t quite self soothe back to sleep so we went in calmed in down and back to sleep he went until that morning! 

NIGGT 3: went to sleep like a champ, woke up once at 2:30 was hungry he ate and passed out until morning!! 

Heres to hoping night 4 is the best yet! 

But I’m also here to tell you, just do what you think is best. For some self soothing isn’t it, they have a method to their madness but that’s the thing it’s THEIR madness. So I’m here to encourage you to do you and be the best mom you can be! 

Watch out there is #NewKaleInTown


Raise your hand if you love a good farmers market find? 

Raise your hand if you can’t stand grocery shopping  🙋🏼‍♀️

What if I told you there was happy meadian coming to Greenville? and it’s not just a farmers market once a week but it’s there everyday!  I am a firm believer in a good find and I think this might just be it for us Greenville people.

From the deli to the butcher it has it all and they are opening June 13th! It is a healthy option for us mamas with all the organic and fresh foods for believe it or not cheap prices 😱 Shock the world because where can you find great quality organic food for cheap? Ya just can’t! Or so I thought, until I was introduced to Sprouts! I mean HELLO 90% of their products are organic and they are 20-25% cheaper than your good ole traditional grocery store. 

From a hubby who loved fresh cut meat but never the time to go to the butcher, and a baby who I love to feed organic produce knocking it all out in one trip is a this Mamas dream. I mean come on the phrase “killing two birds with one stone” has never been so true.  

Y’all this is no exaggeration you better run not walk I said it run to their Grand Opening because it’s not to good to be true. This is just a mama stating her truth 😘

Go check out their site to see the goodness:

Twitter: @sproutsfm

Instagram: @sprouts


Twitter: @sproutsfm

Instagram: @sprouts

5 Things I Didn't Expect Becoming A Mom

Here we are the week of Mother's Day, and all the mama emotions set it. You begin reminiscing on the days, months, and years you've been a mom. The late nights, the giggles, the parenting it's all a blur at this moment. 

But what did you expect when you became a mom? Did you think it was all daisies and butterflies? I mean for the most part it is the most incredible days of our lives but occasionally we have those "would you please go to sleep" nights and what have I gotten myself into moments. 

But this week I want to celebrate the things I didn't expect becoming a Mom. 

1. The "I could literally kiss your face off" kinda love. No one could genuinely prepare you for the overflow of love you experience becoming a mom. Yes, while they're long nights I wake up and see his face and give him all the kisses because I never think he gets enough during the day. It is something you do not know or can not feel until it happens. 

2. The Superpowers that come to you. Y'all, I use to be a dead to this world kind of sleeper. Now... it is like a superpower took over my body and I instinctually wake up right before he wakes up, it varies every night but it never fails its like I can sense his body moving. Maybe it's not every mom but I am confident in the fact every mom has a secret superpower and that is mine. 

3. "I will never be that mom" Is now me. Oh the things you say before you are actually a mom. "I will never do that , I will never do this." Don't knock it till you try it hun. Because if Curious George makes them quit screaming you do what it freaking takes and that's ok. So no don't be "that" mom be you. 

4. I thought it would be harder. This is real life. Especially for all you mamas who are waiting to give birth to your first. I remember the comments, the advice that people would give me all the time. Just wait you don't even know. It is the hardest thing i've ever done. Don't look back now because it's to late. LIES. Yes, it's freaking hard. But if your mindset is loosing before you even get started did you ever have a chance to win? Go in with the idea that no matter the challenge you'll take each day in stride and it will be the best! 

5. I became a bodybuilder: In all realness the mom arms are true. I am hold a 16 lb. baby plus his carseat, push a stroller, carry ten grocery bags and lift a freaking car like its nothing. :) but for real though my husband looked at me the other day after he'd been holding Van for awhile and passed him off because he got to heavy. I'm not sure if as a mom you just become numb to the burn or what but I looked at him in the most loving way like.. you haven't even been holding him that long. LOL but truth is you acquire these arms that can hold something for un lengthly amounts of time without growing weary and it's incredible. 

All jokes aside I didn't expect a lot going into motherhood. Not because I knew or didn't know but because I wanted to take it as it came not holding the expectation to high or to low only to have it crushed. Now I start looking back on the long (jokes) 5 months of mamahood and thrive off of the unexpected! 

I hope this Mother's Day is full of all of the snuggles, giggles, and hugs because you deserve it! 

Love Always,